Halfwits & Failed Crits

Bonus - Murder on the Eberron Express

August 01, 2022 Halfwit Podcasts
Halfwits & Failed Crits
Bonus - Murder on the Eberron Express
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Show Notes

All Aboard as GM Kiley takes a cast of kooky killers for the ride of their lives! Join Cinis the Ice Queen (Luis), Ruby the Business Partner (Mary), Maxim the Scholar (Jonathan), and Tuash the Lost Heir (Laura), as they accuse each other of the murder of Egan Bakker with no true detective to help them out. It's going to be a long ride to Fairhaven... 

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=== CREDITS ===   

Murder on the Eberron Express by Orla ni Dhuill. Support them by purchasing the game for yourselves! ( https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/296256/Murder-on-the-Eberron-Express )

Opening Theme:
Assassin by Rafael Crux ( https://freepd.com/epic.php

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