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Bonus - Children of the Spine - Prequel Part III

June 08, 2021 Halfwit Podcasts Season 1
Halfwits & Failed Crits
Bonus - Children of the Spine - Prequel Part III
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Show Notes

We rejoin the crew of the Resonance hot off of their battle in Barbalil, a second pre-scream artifact secured. As they make their way to the next set of deciphered coordinates, the planet Ephet-Izaki, we get a rare glimpse at the mundane lives of world class pirates. Infestations, robots, photographs, and a resource crisis all keep the long spike drill rides...interesting. On planet, Madam N.O.S. (Kiley) revisits her Alma Mater, CaseyNova's (Luis) latest creation roams menacingly, Tantalus (Laura) steals from a professor, Veil (Mary)  does the captains job for them, and Sasha (Bobby) hallucinates with some college kids. With so many distractions will they remember to find the hidden artifact? Find out on Children of the Spine - Prequel Part III!

Game System:
Stars Without Number by Kevin Crawford.   

Opening Theme:
Into the Portal - Wowobit
*Voice Over added by Jonathan Swenson.

Ending Theme:
Cosmic Banner - Halfwits & Failed Crits Originals.

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