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Children of the Spine - Prequel Part II

January 01, 2021 Halfwit Podcasts Season 2
Halfwits & Failed Crits
Children of the Spine - Prequel Part II
Show Notes

The crew of the Resonance is now in possession of a potential pre-scream artifact, and a map to find more! After deciphering the next set of coordinates, they are off to the planet Barbalil, where a civil war between the monarchy and the religious zealots is reaching a climax. Speaking of, there's rumor that one of our own crew may have an in with the royalty, or inversly, is very much no longer welcome here. Hop aboard the SPS Resonance and join CaseyNova (Luis),  Madam N.O.S. (Kiley), Veil (Mary), and Tantalus (Laura), as we meet new and old friends, lovers, and enemies in Children of the Spine - Prequel Part II!

(Sasha & Sickle (Bobby) will be back for Part III - they had a revolution to finish on Pazakaya)

Opening Theme:
Into the Portal - Wowobit
*Voice Over added by Jonathan Swenson.

Ending Theme:
Cosmic Banner - Bobby Prater.

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