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Worlds Divided Ep 4 - Revokers | A DnD Podcast

February 14, 2020 Halfwits & Failed Crits Season 1 Episode 4
Halfwits & Failed Crits
Worlds Divided Ep 4 - Revokers | A DnD Podcast
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And we made it! This is our first actual, Actual Play episode! The Syndicate experiments further with a stone they got from otherworldly creatures, and possibly breaking their reality?! A tough act to hide when The First Paradigm always seems to show up when they are least welcome.

 Music: Crunk Knight Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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spk_2:   0:29
Let's go. I after he'd encounter, I had over the woods. And it was last time where I saw a very similar encountered What happened? My backstory. I went to go question them. Her too. I'm proposing that I found a lead to the man that I'm looking for. Okay? Before what? For

spk_4:   1:02
I for Leo.

spk_3:   1:09
Okay, so you go to question and he runs away.

spk_2:   1:13
Jason, my wings.

spk_4:   1:21
E o.

spk_3:   1:27
You do lose him in the woods, but, you know, you catch a glimpse of money,

spk_2:   1:34
and they're so that Is that the guy? No. Catching a glimpse of the guy was

spk_3:   1:41
the guy you're going? Yeah. Yeah. You notice that he has some sort of, like, insignia, and we're patched. That doesn't seem to be like the old patch, But you have no idea what it really looks

spk_2:   1:52
like. You just outside and you're like, I don't know. Okay, so that was that

spk_4:   1:57
Could have happened

spk_2:   1:58
in, like, a day. I propose that I looked into this insignia. Sure. Okay,

spk_3:   2:05
So what did you do to look into

spk_2:   2:08
go to the gills library?

spk_3:   2:15
How long do you want to spend two weeks? Okay, two. So you don't find it and where you just can't remember exactly what the insignia looks like. So you can't remember whether you forgot? Not as you're looking through it. Another guild member comes through and sees the different types of books you're looking at and asked if it just ask what you're doing.

spk_2:   2:54
They say I'm looking for the meaning of a specific symbol, but I can't remember. But it looks something like this

spk_3:   3:02
roll. See if you can draw it out.

spk_4:   3:05
One s

spk_3:   3:11
o U. So you draw symbol and she flips to a page in the book and points out the symbol that you drew this person actually like is they work in the library? Sure. Personally, they walked up to you, but they do specifically like they They're very much into symbolism and history. So they, you know, they look at all these books. Look at all the different guilds. They like looking at how people choose their symbols and stuff. And they point out a page for a guild will call it The girls will come the crystal Japanese

spk_2:   4:04
crystal So intimate.

spk_3:   4:09
So what do you do with this information

spk_2:   4:11
thinker? Extensively. He's been do last month researching everything I can about the crystal s.

spk_3:   4:30
So, uh, when do you research the crystal daffodils? What were some of ways that you research

spk_2:   4:36
research by subtly asking bars taverns around the guild hall? I start looking at books and magazines or books and squirrels. I go to your books and scrolls in the Guild library as well as the books and scrolls in our library. Yeah, is mine so impossible? Maybe I took a trip to the main city. There's a bigger city, right? That's not where the Guild hall is. Like the regular library.

spk_3:   5:18
There's three, since that they're kind of like city countries. Halstead is the one that the policy in Sour Stead, which is the home of the great Evan well, fortress, where the greatest minds of the space she had come to create progress of all manner or the country the highest of their order. The evidence All stages are creators, all new magic and technology. Since the forming of this nation,

spk_2:   5:39
I go there

spk_3:   5:40
Yeah, for reference. The other one is well, instead, it's a location of king arteries, and he is the one who deals with society, morals and justice. When this station

spk_2:   5:55
three places

spk_3:   5:57
Probably only feasible, even get one. In fact, Probably couldn't even have spent too much time there. But so soon you're gonna go to Southside.

spk_2:   6:05

spk_3:   6:05
So you go to sell instead and bring up everything that you've learned about something in about the crystal back bills. And finally there, eh, Gil? That existed a little more than 50 years ago, but they didn't meet there kind of suspiciously. They never have that much for now, so they weren't looked into, but they give you the location of where they were last. That's all you get for it. All right? Who wants Thio do there? Two months or

spk_2:   6:43
so? I've been

spk_1:   6:45
working for help. Our our place more. And I've also been spending a lot of time in the new by force. Like my God, this is the fort thing. So I travel light, get back.

spk_2:   7:04
Also keeping tabs on Israel's and following her.

spk_3:   7:08
Which one do you want? A role for grace? Well, you said you were trying to get back in touch with you for that.

spk_1:   7:19
Oh my, You

spk_4:   7:22
one Ugo,

spk_3:   7:25
How do you How do you try and contact her?

spk_2:   7:28
Definitely being in the forest

spk_3:   7:30
like So how are you? What are you doing?

spk_2:   7:35
I'm like sitting under a tree, just sacrificing.

spk_3:   7:52
Okay, so you do that. And you you sacrifice whatever small creature you found and sit and meditate. And when you medicate, you see anything exaggerated version of the PTSD dream you are. Except this time I don't recognize the people that they're part of standard. But everything seems to stand out way more and be way more gruesome. And it's just like it's being thrown back in your face.

spk_2:   8:20
Okay. And then I'm rolling Thio. Hello, Adrian. Counter roll toe spine. I think

spk_3:   8:31
her role will decide whether or not you try to follow her. But this happened. You don't Daniel doesn't know this, but you tried to follow her during. So you spent what I'm gonna say. An entire month's trying to commune with Alana is only getting those awful, more vivid. And, like sometimes different, like, different, like things change every time you see the vision. Mostly it's the people that are being represented changing, and you're don't you recognize any of them? But you spend a month trying to, like, really get it. Try and get anything other than that So when you decide Okay. Never mind. I wanna follow Adrian around, see what she's up to. What reason? Revolved around.

spk_2:   9:19
I had an awful dream of her. She was like a

spk_1:   9:24
drill was the tray er was, like that of my dream. So I was like, Okay. And like, I still don't really trust her. So I think like her kind after, like being rejected over and over all the streams of alarm is just like any more more paranoid. And it's just like, who

spk_2:   9:42
is a

spk_1:   9:42
girl? Even like we don't know about that. We don't even never sleeps like she could

spk_2:   9:47
be anyone. And I

spk_1:   9:49
feel like this. What along is trying to tell me?

spk_3:   9:52
Okay, So, uh, while you're thinking about that, you think that you've got the exact right time You're staying up late. Like making sure that if there's any movement, you'll be able to spot her. And you're just You're very ready, Thio. You got everything. Chances you've been staying back. So there's no way there's gonna be a noise. None of that. If you never see her, leave the compound ever like you're sitting up in your hand and never seen any you should be able to see everything around the tree. But unknown to Anya, that is when atrial left for Sacristan. So she had left while you were on your last day. Yeah. So you

spk_4:   10:39
have nothing. You will

spk_3:   10:41
say that you spent like, oh, like trying to catch her moving around before you realize that she's absolutely not anywhere near the compound. She's not practicing anything down. Hideout is like she's not. She would have come out at some point by now. So what do you do for your last few

spk_1:   10:59
weeks? I guess helping your stop making place.

spk_3:   11:12
Okay, rolls of that. But you guys called Stick. But his This actual name is

spk_2:   11:27

spk_3:   11:29
Every sticky the door he's guarding. Okay, so you spend most of the time gardening with everything before you decide to work up the courage to be like, Hey, could you help me with not a gardening project? And he agrees. And your last week is just kind of setting up. It's it's not exactly what you wanted it to be, but it's kind of like those those logs that you can put like an ex formacion so that if there was mounted combat it's sick. Mounted on that hard time getting through. But you have powers. Yeah. You guys have a small perimeter. The small fence that could potentially stop mounted combat, but probably pretty easy for, like, Cingular people to get through. Look, there's nothing better. It's a job for the most part. You're next. Like, you know,

spk_2:   12:41
I get out

spk_4:   12:46
and nothing was real in here. Now you just tell me. Oh,

spk_3:   12:49
yeah, Killed every existing mermaid. You just got really cold. You feel like feel like like I slobber like,

spk_2:   13:04
Yeah, I know. It's just a new turn. Next

spk_3:   13:09
I double check that. I did it. You just like you went to the desert. And, like, blacked out there for so long age. Oh, the thing that happened with you is you You were the one who found after a few days trying to get back in all that stuff. You're walking back and you started to see that small transference in creature rubber banding backing for again. So you were the only spotted that the risk or you thought like figures were bending back that specific rift in broad you get Yeah, hold on. He's not back yet. This is after you guys seal the rift and you just have imagining that at least right away. You're kind of just sitting there like thinking about that stone. Yeah, they turned into roaring out of here meter, right? Yeah. I would like to spend my whole time trying Thio opening riffs. Thanks, Ma. Let's put him through. Like trying to figure out what's going on in the rift. Like what the world is like and seeing if I could control any of the river monsters. Okay, so rolf it six 15. Okay, so you're sitting there opening small refuse, even likes through It is what I'm saying that you're going to the polls. You said like you can't really see also much like starting

spk_0:   15:02
figure, and you

spk_3:   15:04
notice the bigger you keep making it that no matter how did you making it, You can't see You see this like weirdly jagged world That's all this, like purplish blue is and but has very not defined features. So, like you look out and you're like, Oh, maybe on the rise and over there, maybe that's amount. But it could also just be like one big slope of land mass, whatever it is. It's like it's not quite in the shape of a mountain. It's just abstract. Everything's kind of abstract Here. Is your like around? Okay, welcome. So you also noticed that there are no creatures there from what you can see and do you decide to step for and see if you can walk down any thing, See if you can see anything further than just your little portal. Yeah, I'm gonna scribble on the ground, went into rift, Becks. And then I'm gonna just walk in and see if I can see it. So you walk in and you definitely can walk on the ground. And everywhere you look, there are there's it's just large expanses of they land, that's all. And your voice doesn't even like space. Okay, so then I'll try to make another rift inside the rift. So, like, I'm in a world, is it like I, like, see through our world again after that 16 you go to make another and you can hear your ripped closing at the same rate that you're opening. You

spk_4:   16:59
state I doing Ugo the gas. You know what? Yeah, I know. You did the video. You

spk_2:   17:15
like the odds must be able

spk_3:   17:17
to. But also, if I'm in the roof and something happened, you wouldn't even be able to get

spk_4:   17:24
th s So pretty much the

spk_3:   17:26
last guys already

spk_4:   17:32
do it for science. Or do I not do it? Do you want You're the Celtics turns intelligence.

spk_3:   17:38
If I don't. If you do it for science sentence ice if you want. I just don't know because like I let you roll. Plus, you're in your intelligence modifier, so you it's you

spk_4:   17:53
know. Okay,

spk_3:   17:54
You know what? No, no, I won't make another Reds does my other riff closer. No, no. All right, so I go back to doing that. And then is anything happening with my ring at the moment while I'm inside? Referral. I think when you're in Rift World, it's always look okay. Where is, like, it only blows the real world When your year in open rift. Or if you're currently opening a rift, that's that's when it close. So I'm not sure I'm holding my fist with a ring and try and like, green lantern. Imagine something like giant fists, Nothing. All right. So I can look project things. Can I? No, I didn't even look for it, right? Taste memory. It rocks. Okay. And then if I touched the rings of the ground or nothing happens stays, We'll see when you do that like that, when you open a rift, he's kind of, like, not really sparks. Like I'm not going to, like, strange. Like that thing you like. You can you kind of almost, like shock zone. But like, it's almost like it's like Ritalin in the area that you're giving it. So when you touch the rim to the ground, that kind of like same ripple just kind of exists around where

spk_2:   19:29
you're touching it. All

spk_3:   19:33
right, I will light a small fire before bringing stuff from the outside. Yeah. Six. Some of my bed, that's Hey, you light a fire, and then I'm gonna go back out into my real world and closer rifts open the rift and, like, see if fire still burning, Okay? Yes, of you. You do that. You are able to let it fire, close the rift, and when you open it back up, there's not even any evidence of fire there. Okay? So either time passes differently or I'm in a new rift zone. I will say the landscapers, Okay, but But you don't know if that's because it's so big or if it it's the same, actually. So then what I'm gonna do is get the gardener, get a bunch of wood with him and then light, like a mile strip like it ruined scheme. Just Yeah, I can go on, then. Not my campfire, but still this super. So you're gonna after roll 16? Yeah. So everything has not been informed that you guys have been able to do this. Uh oh. No one's talked with ever. Even like he knows riffs exists. You have no idea. I grabbed every by the scruff of his neck. You tell no one, okay? You sufficiently intimidating your girl, but he's doesn't need to be intimidated. Okay, Next urn. Yeah, Scare me, actually. Use equal. Okay. Attorney eyes gave me this'll is amazing. Not not your hand stroking my face. This Rix. Yeah, this, uh, it's pretty, Neto. I'm gonna try and close the rift while you're in here. You? Yeah, Yeah, I'm just trying to figure

spk_4:   21:59
out all these

spk_3:   21:59
roofs work. I let a little a little fire closed the roof when I opened it back up in the same spot It was gone. Fire was gone. So we're gonna make this mile of torches and see if when I closed this rift opened it up again. I'm still within a mile radius, and it's gonna be a pretty bright light, so I should be able to see in the distance from far Away, unless you have a different idea. No, no, that's sounds clever enough to me. I mean, I have no idea. L riffs Where you guys going to go out in like Daddy's clothes? So I've never even seen one. Put my hand on his shoulder, relate least for, you know, And I just looked sport in this school's hell, yeah, well, let's let's do it. So you and every and literally spent the rest of your money? Yeah, making this giant chain. We'll say this happens in the first month. So that way, when he goes to help on you, he already knows. Yeah. So this is there in the first month, and then he'll help you with your fence and we'll say that That's why it was so hard to get a good fence going since hymen ex turn made so many fires that all over the like a lot of the excess wood that he stepped down from expanding your base. I got used to making extra mile of fires. So you do it and you make it January of fire. Or it was just straight line. Yes. Yeah. Just big mile long line of fire as we're out there, You still don't see anything Every time you've been with these risks before. There's always then some sort of creature. There is no here and come back and close the rift and you open it. We'll say, we'll say, you see that you see far in the distance, you can see white. And are you gonna follow up with them to the light? Um, go. The distance from art are coral to the ember. That wasn't it. We're still here. Everything. You get it. I'm sending this so you don't even you get about half of the mile long fire before you realize that there are, like, small piles of ash. Better building up and you're in the same place just walking down a line of inspires. They're almost almost out, is it? They didn't exist for your first length of eyesight, then this. You've got, like, half your half mile out. You started seeing these little piles matches. Okay, like the last camp fire goes out. How long would you say it can fire? Last popular, too. Well, I see making fire walk away last hours. I'm just thinking, like, close. The rift opened a and then I came back into the world. But it seemed like two hours past. Well, this would have been in cities. Yeah, because you definitely didn't do that. So it's like time is moving faster. Rift World. That it is our worlds, by the way. All right, so that's it. Pretty much. Don't make another Gregson said What now? Um, I'm gonna take some of the ash and go back. Okay. Does anything happen? Actually, it's It's still with you. Is it like purple issue now? Scoops of dirt from There's no dirt so sick. So it's just salt. And suddenly it's cold, So it's not ice late. Great. Good. Is it okay? Yeah. Also, I'm gonna relay everything that happened to me. You guys. Well, I guess you

spk_1:   26:18
two unless you disappear somewhere because you're gone, right? For the month

spk_2:   26:22

spk_3:   26:23
no, Can I just say like, months? We're all back together. Really? Yeah. So you won't be able to relay it until after Malard. Yes, please. Because you're stupid.

spk_2:   26:35
I think during the east, for at the beginning of the once I think I started researching, like looking into that, your lord Tagore. Now we'll learn more about him and like his family history, like, I didn't do a lot of, like a backstory somewhere Go kind of like up until, like, recently I've tried to war what happened,

spk_1:   27:09
like, very down under and not think about

spk_2:   27:13
traumas. So now that this happening is like that game re enter

spk_1:   27:20
your life looking into more,

spk_3:   27:24
you could do it. And

spk_2:   27:29
he should serve a visa, view life, okay, and assume that our way

spk_3:   27:38
gets a big

spk_2:   27:39
thinking that Laura's like I'm violet can. So you're constantly adding what I

spk_3:   27:54
the Lord is from It's part of you, remember? 10. But then so you're quickly starting to run out of. That's a little

spk_2:   28:19
That's fine. I'll just start

spk_3:   28:21
eso roll roll again? Kind of. Okay, So, uh, you're reading through all these books and you bought a bunch of books, but you haven't really? What? You're Are you singing? Yes. Yeah. Okay. What would like your focus and being safe? There's probably not like an actual thing for it. I'm just asking. You're not like a professor of everything,

spk_2:   28:55
e. I feel like he's in what happened in my childhood. I would probably the right national. Okay, so last history of the land and more like history magics like the

spk_1:   29:11
street, like the magical

spk_2:   29:12
races like Origins of magic. So life, I don't know who the king was two years ago, but, you know, like high

spk_3:   29:22
diversity served. So that's that's the reason why you don't find anything you're reading through all of the books that were previously intrigue power from when a fine, bright lived there and he studied tons of magic. He actually had a similar background to you. But that's why you don't find anything. Because Lord Montador, as far as you can tell because you have a fairly expansive library is not magic important.

spk_2:   29:52
Okay, so I guess the other thing that I realized that I think the next thing that I would start researching with me by what? Okay, Because she's not like mashable late.

spk_3:   30:07
No, you have no idea

spk_2:   30:08
what it does. Uh, silly. I'm going trying todo But what

spk_1:   30:14
is it about this thing that let's

spk_3:   30:18
roll the final? How long? Study

spk_2:   30:23
11 s.

spk_3:   30:25
So? So you'll be able to have one more action after you study your long you're setting your walking. Okay, So what is your locket look like? You've never described it.

spk_2:   30:35
Now it's getting late. Smallish Lee cameo kind of size gold would like a little time like Jim decorations, No big honking gem or anything like that. But I think it's going to have like, uh, Callie, Go, I guess. Next made out of little impressive Jen's on Friday.

spk_3:   31:02
Okay, so you can't open. I mean, you said on the inside, so

spk_4:   31:09
Yeah, open.

spk_1:   31:12
Okay, well, you won't

spk_3:   31:13
be able to open it or not.

spk_2:   31:15
What makes you a more fun story? I feel like that. You know, I

spk_3:   31:19
can do whatever it is you're No, it's your lucky. Can you open it? Well, you're trying to research about Yeah, it makes us. You can't. You can't. Yeah. That's basically what, like we could go down. It's like you're trying to figure out what's inside the locket or what it represents. or what? What? That like? He didn't symbol on the inside, so

spk_2:   31:46
that's like the driving scenic

spk_4:   31:49

spk_3:   31:51
designs on the inside. So Well, actually say that you in your research, cracked it. This is the first time that you've opened it. And now you're seeing inside is just this or gates. Very small gemstone. Um, Phoenix. And you're looking through all of your what did you rule again? 11. So we'll just say that when you're looking through all of the books you find a lot of, like, similar artifacts that are all, like, how, a least 100 years or older. Actually, we talked about your guys his age. Are we doing, like, just normal human years? We're doing like

spk_2:   32:36
because I'm a Yeah. Yeah, me too.

spk_3:   32:39
Yeah. Okay, so we'll say it's been not 100 years of saying, like 202 100 years. Yeah. What? I think they ages Incidents. I think that's what it was. You're seven. I'm I could look at us, Fry. Let's see. What Nice umbilical yet? Oh, Tea, please. Actually have kind of like a short life. Yeah, 35 years is their middle age, 53 years old age Yeah. Okay. You're approaching middle. H

spk_4:   33:31
G signed 20

spk_3:   33:38
that the walk. It is like the external design of the locket. Definitely looks like it's at least 200 years old. Okay, It's like there's some of the ways that it's you. You can tell that it's also it's magic meat. It's not like someone before Jin, like, created this like like silver Smith ing or whatever. Like it's there's, like, different ways, like metal like turns. That's not a natural way for the brain

spk_0:   34:05
of the

spk_3:   34:05
metal Thio with the crystal structure on the move so you can tell it's magical made and very. But there's nothing in any of your books that even remotely looks like the way the inside.

spk_2:   34:20
Okay, I think

spk_1:   34:23
I'm training conventional. All right.

spk_3:   34:27
Gonna try magically expand your library

spk_2:   34:30
like a bag of holding

spk_3:   34:33
like a pocket dimension.

spk_4:   34:35
Yeah, three option

spk_3:   34:42
Noah's pocket workshop pocket spot. Just

spk_4:   34:45
like no, but they were You thinking of options you didn't teach from some Oh, yeah, One of the library. Right pocket. Like role 10.

spk_3:   35:06
Okay, so you're researching and you go have any books upgrading poppy dimensions,

spk_4:   35:14
dammit. Find

spk_3:   35:17
right. Was exclusively a transformation specialist so he doesn't have anything about pocket dimensions. But you go out and you go out into the hall said, and you go to a bookstore and find like, Oh, almost like the you know, dimensional Magic for Dummies book. So you you can have, like a small. You have a small understanding of how to approach that kind of magic. But even as you're reading it, you know it noticing that that kind of magic isn't well known to begin

spk_2:   35:54
David, what are the odds that I'd be able to find some

spk_1:   35:59
of your cells

spk_3:   36:01
from what you're seeing in this book, that is like a you know, like a little info graphic with like a little bubble being right there. Yeah, it's like we see you're interested in this, but the rest of the world doesn't know much about this either. So welcome to studying with everybody else.

spk_2:   36:21
I have to be like my equals, learning more about pocket dimension myself. Pocket library.

spk_3:   36:28
So now we're back at present time, and everyone's back in tree tower, and you couldn't decide what time of day this is. Really. One wanted to tell everybody about your discovery. Noon. There is No way you're gonna lead since you want. Okay. Greetings. Are you making this like an official meeting? How do you like that? Blown back by what you discover that. Let's all sit down. I've constructed a round table, and now we're all sitting at it. Yes. Yes. Okay. All right, everyone, very big news. Oh, um, what's nuts ever is? It ever is. Not sitting on it is you get older. Is is that I'm gonna rule

spk_4:   37:26
against him. I rolled in 11. Let us drink. Plus five girls 16. We'll be adding anything to

spk_3:   37:41
know, struggles to get out of Nick's turns on Does. And he's a little irritated. Me. Oh, you are that life anymore.

spk_0:   38:08
I want you out of my life

spk_3:   38:11
anyways. All right, Everyone being asked the last few months I've been screwed around the portals and I discovered that time moves faster in reverse world than it does in this world and that when you make a rifts, it'll be was a random within a mile radius. Just about

spk_2:   38:38
not many saying they used you opened into the same spot. It's just time to advance so much here that your tires on

spk_3:   38:47
if you want me to answer? I'm gonna say roll intelligence to see if you were just trying to think like that. I thought the first time I opened it. You said when I came back, there was nothing, and it was gone. So that's that's mean. I was in a different place. Yep. And then, the second time, he said the fires were far away. I could see the distance, you know, it was if that's what makes certain things,

spk_4:   39:09
that's everything. I'm still thinking it. Now, tonight. Really?

spk_3:   39:14
To you guys. When you open up, a rift is gonna be, like a mile a mile and 1/2 radius from the last point. But I didn't check to see if, like, if I move 10 feet to the right where I didn't check it, move 10 feet to the right. Where would I put my ribs? Where's your round table? Outside. Just like you. Okay, um,

spk_4:   39:41
I'll make every few years right now, and bigger is. Yeah. You ever see a second? Something? Your

spk_2:   39:54
horses. I do not think you should since it Gil messenger comes over. Says how you

spk_3:   40:03
you go to open the rift and your stone Just starts vibrating and don't open it. You know, you make the correct. You know

spk_2:   40:14
what that means. Someone else is there. There's someone is spying on us.

spk_3:   40:20
Our baby. Somebody's something's in the way of my wrist. All right. So I tried to make a roof. Nothing happens. That was weird. I'll see you guys later. But first I will say

spk_4:   40:38
nothing is all I learned. Also, there's

spk_3:   40:40
no creatures in the world. My entire point was to try and tame one so we could slaughter our enemies. There was nothing spent like a month. You sound almost two full months in the older Now. My two months? Yeah. I'm holding this roundtable. Biggest now I am senior to you all passing my old man was no you You are,

spk_2:   41:13
like, visibly older, like us

spk_4:   41:15
know. Maybe he has

spk_3:   41:18
a few more gray hairs.

spk_2:   41:20
How is that? Any time we're gonna I don't like you. Don't

spk_3:   41:25
feel like you're that much older. So So something different happening because if you spent two months in there and your current assumption is that it's at least two hours faster. But you don't feel as old as you should. I like doing that mental math. You're like, something's not adding up here. I also want to know that I tried to open another rifts inside of the world and it started to close the rift behind these. That's why

spk_1:   41:58
I didn't do that. But I kind

spk_3:   42:01
of want to try it involved.

spk_1:   42:02
You guys were all together. Now

spk_4:   42:06
that I know what age is, you don't know that you really Yeah, gives him. She's gonna die before we get out. Well, regardless, that's what I learned

spk_3:   42:19
about the rifts. And, um, yeah, I'm sure you guys the rift. No, she's guys. So you guys go toe build an ex turns room, and I'm gonna have your row. Perceptive.

spk_2:   42:48
Yeah. Six. Wait. No perception

spk_3:   42:59
in what? So Lara, you know, it's like when he was doing that presentation like you can not like, visibly saw his hand. Shapley. He probably sounds like a little bit of home from on the British oak and do work. And, um, you notice that it's not just shaking every once in a while anymore, but everyone's allows swings his hand back. You could see that it almost like lips like it's like turning on the light starts flowing pointed

spk_4:   43:38
out. Hey, look yet, Lars, losing your mind. Wait, What? You say you're thinking Adriana Flower? Yes. I

spk_3:   44:05
mean, before, as you're looking at it again, you can feel the vibrations seem like they're coming from your

spk_2:   44:15
actions. Is a blip stronger in a certain direction?

spk_3:   44:20
Let's just by reading

spk_2:   44:21
next, stick your arm in that direction.

spk_3:   44:24
So take a slow 360. You tell me when it's so you're doing that, uh, as you're doing it, you're go around like this way is really strong, and then you'll start walking that way you'll never feel get in return. It's like, Oh, that was really strong. Let's keep walking, you don't feel and you stand still and even standing still after you decide that's down. It pulses in that it doesn't for a long time, and that pulses again. It doesn't for a long time, and it seems to be vibrating in different directions. If anything, what you're feeling almost feels like. Something is hitting the ring and even and hitting the ring and even like it almost feels like an impact rather than internal things were ever planning to marry.

spk_4:   45:14
Oh, good. So I try and

spk_3:   45:18
open up a rip, then the river monsters will probably be there. So should I open it? No. So something. Actually, some someone for everyone. Roll history. That was them 2014. So everything so marry you. Get that money So you instantly like when he kind of is like, thinking about the rebound. I'm assuming you mutter something, or at least say something about the rebounding. Um, when you're thinking about that, you immediately look to the sky because every time you guys have seen creature rebounding, the alarm has gone off the nest. That and the alarm is, if you remember, is like this giant cloud of like yellow smoke. The Cuyler covers, like most of the size. That's like the fires that they like. There's

spk_2:   46:25
nothing. So the beautiful hands notices. But how does the Guildhall notes the other? Uh, I think you were determined.

spk_3:   46:37
You've never looked into that. All right, that room, Everyone run. Yep. Go

spk_4:   46:48
Remember. He's not,

spk_3:   46:50
Is he is. He is my lover. I think the road that it's like a road at least our tree, right? Yeah, there's there's like one like there's, like, some trails that us play explored in Isaac. Did you build like a gate to our thing. I think you guys just had enough material and time to make that expense lot should be posted. Musical art. Lover Probably. Yeah. Go stand guard.

spk_4:   47:26
Never does she know anything? Wants another in? She

spk_3:   47:35
doesn't know why you keep calling her a whale.

spk_4:   47:37
She isn't. Well, she's a literal Well, this ButI know anything

spk_3:   47:42
that's going on with the ring

spk_4:   47:43
on the whale? Is that what you're talking about? Yeah. Okay.

spk_3:   47:53
Is that what you're doing? Great. Okay. What are you asking?

spk_2:   47:56
Do you know this?

spk_3:   47:58
She looks at it and doesn't. Doesn't 100. Doesn't really know. Like you guys haven't informed period of what the ring does. Check this out

spk_4:   48:08
and try and make it. Okay, you open. So the

spk_3:   48:15
rift is open, and you immediately noticed there's something very wrong. Uh, because when every time you've opened it before and every time you've seen a riff before, you can see like that weird, like, really sterile landscape. This time there's just It's so like, you know, that wavy like exterior thing that it makes when you open the rift to see that it is, it looks like someone just like dragged that way. Venus forever. Oh, that. So I'm next lose that Jesus. Flabbergasted. She like I I don't I don't know. I don't I don't think I've seen anything like this. This issue must be celestial. You

spk_4:   49:13
guys use less happens. She's

spk_2:   49:19
elemental. Just I asked Isaac. Never. So wait. Your person. Zegna? Yeah,

spk_3:   49:36
I've been okay. She left you guys a note saying vaccine, You could find out if she's who Zegna. Our as ours, Laura. But

spk_4:   49:55
you have to.

spk_2:   49:56
I didn't put a lot of people in my Isaac ever bodies. And you in it. He'll start. I love hanging out with mud. Hey, I

spk_3:   50:15
forgot to write down

spk_2:   50:18

spk_3:   50:21
syndicate. So now I will. Most of Sonam Shay were the people that you found in the rabbit area that were also being held prisoner with where they weren't with his any wasn't like a high security spot. And they were just kind of business. So you're asking, is it? Isaac says that he's seen rips open before, but never like this. So, like, he's he's running trips before because, like, five he had he had a guild at one point, But they all died to the Bali logs there, guys, do you

spk_2:   51:03
think it through? I know

spk_3:   51:06
he was your first recruit. He was the first.

spk_4:   51:09
What is wrong with you? I want to find out what's going on. If we put somebody in there, I open.

spk_2:   51:16
My best guess is that that will just glasses. Maybe. And that's why it's just like darkness and why everything was gone.

spk_4:   51:32
Theo, something I'll

spk_3:   51:42
give you guys. Just recap. What you know right now from what's going on is you know that the rain is doing some sort of pulsing. It seems like it's might be directional, but it seems really inconsistent. And you also know that you just open this up.

spk_2:   52:01
Q. We throw something in Amon, and

spk_3:   52:03
you also know that the national guilt I have no idea what

spk_2:   52:08
I say doing. How about we throw something in animal and unlike, be killed in their first and wait like 10 minutes and make sure it doesn't like crushed during that time passes. Still, when the rift is open, when you have a little bit right, so like 10 minutes and there is like 30 minutes or 10 minutes up here is like 30 minutes. Okay, it's a commissioner like Rocky Shore right along the inner

spk_1:   52:45
quarters, in case

spk_2:   52:47
Okay. Sure. Yeah. Real

spk_4:   52:51

spk_3:   52:52
Yes. Also could tell any of your

spk_4:   52:56
Oh, yeah. You don't like

spk_3:   52:59
it? Leave it. Leave a note for them to find their all kind of standing around, except for an analyst. 9 11 Moses. Now. Okay. You have not talked that way.

spk_2:   53:13
Put the flour in close. It really happens, all right? Because you close it might somewhere out speak enough. No, she's not. She's not coming. Way for them to stay here so that anything happened to us.

spk_3:   53:39
This is a celestial being. She is. This is a noble

spk_4:   53:47
family, not her normal sized body. You

spk_3:   53:57
haven't given me time to answer that question. How long does a little

spk_2:   54:02
you know, I'm a little Wait, as long as it takes an hour

spk_4:   54:10
shift. Interesting. And it's not that law, I think. I think I

spk_3:   54:18
OK, so one hour passes. Two hours pass. Anyone leaving? Come here.

spk_2:   54:31
I'm gonna practice.

spk_3:   54:35
Does anything happen? Not yet.

spk_4:   54:40
I e t o say

spk_3:   54:44
nothing is gonna happen. Then it gives it away. What?

spk_4:   54:47
I really

spk_1:   54:47
want you to go with what we have

spk_2:   54:51
while we're gonna close and open.

spk_3:   54:55
So close it now.

spk_2:   54:56
Wait, wait, wait.

spk_3:   54:58
Yes. Eso Yes, you guys, wait another hour. Nothing happens. Didn't he have a plan? No. All right. Still, I guess largely was still on the way to watch the flower.

spk_2:   55:12
Nothing happens. Wait, How confident are we that we can get back?

spk_3:   55:19
Not that I didn't try to close. If I opened another rips while inside Earth world the one behind closed

spk_2:   55:27
So we'll just not up. What? Is there other people in there? I say we go in. I didn't have a gust. Which the trip and Blue flower Sensing a way for me just to make sure nothing else that

spk_4:   55:42
you're pushing people. You really want these spells lot to do that key and trails can trip. Okay, I now could

spk_2:   55:55
be useful to, but I just push the flower 10 feet down the tunnel.

spk_3:   55:59
Okay, so you push the flower. Nothing happens if it sounds like everyone wants to go in other than Lara, this

spk_4:   56:08
terrible is if

spk_3:   56:11
you I want to watch the flour for another hour. It sounds like you're gonna have to do like a charisma check against them, not to

spk_4:   56:18
Well, Now that

spk_2:   56:19
I've pushed it farther, anything that's happened sign. Okay? No, You know what? I'm time being last season. Maybe.

spk_3:   56:42
So you've got things all

spk_2:   56:45
die. I last him first. Anything really should. He happens and you guys go in.

spk_3:   56:53
They're bringing any of the others with you. Are you leaving him?

spk_4:   56:57
Carry on our legacy Carry on your legacy. Do they have

spk_3:   57:00
any cool gets to know is a narrow tunnel that we have to be alive. However big you made it is how big it is. Big. You guys

spk_4:   57:13
can edit it now,

spk_3:   57:15
Like paintings. We know we can begin to say that. However you made it like Well, well, Bret, I just I guess I just needed regular. So you don't like you is enough to walk single file. You

spk_2:   57:29
guys see anything? It's not

spk_3:   57:33
like a tight single file like you're very large. So, like, it might be kind of tight for you, but for no one else. But you guys can't see past Yeah, because I'm first.

spk_2:   57:44
Yeah. So that means anything like this.

spk_1:   57:47
Your bills.

spk_4:   57:50
So should I go

spk_2:   57:50
first? Yes.

spk_3:   57:57
Everyone's that next. First? Yes. Okay. So you walk in and upon be in the tongue. It's like not being in the town like originally. It looked like it was just kind of like that. You'd be like material that's the edge of edges of the wrist looked like. But the tunnel itself, So like the walls, the walls, air stretching. Why

spk_2:   58:27
in stretching, lighting

spk_3:   58:28
up like a certain point like touched the ball is something I can feel it moving and one hander notes. You can feel the ring pulling in the directions that I say directions. But this seems like a straight tunnel. But when you put your hand that has the ring on it on all, it feels like maybe there's another direction. Okay, I'm gonna relay that information. I don't know where they are. Guys, I can't tell what way is straight

spk_2:   59:00
way. Can't see any other way. So don't try to move forward. Let's just keep trick it. I'm gonna turn around and look to see. Probably chase. Okay, I have a good idea. Is it dark? It's hard to see your

spk_3:   59:24
proceed. All it's that right, like is not right so overwhelming. It's like natural light, purplish blue stuff. It looks like the

spk_2:   59:35
should use some of our road and all hold on to it so we don't get separated somehow. You know what? Let's drift. Yeah, who gives a really tight But that only allows by 50 feet. We all have 50 beats. 200 feet. That's not very far. Create magically

spk_4:   1:0:02
she Come on. Can't you do anything? Sex? She was like a genie. Yeah, really gets the less you. Yeah. You guys grab friendship? Yeah, she's trapped

spk_3:   1:0:14
forever. If you just living a normal life.

spk_4:   1:0:16
Yeah, just garbage. Yes, I are

spk_2:   1:0:22
we doing this If we don't get separated so we can find a way back

spk_3:   1:0:27
like you were pining for both, but doesn't sound like

spk_2:   1:0:30
before. Just not be separation.

spk_3:   1:0:32
Yeah, because, I mean, if there is a tunnel there No, I can't really tell which way. Straight, Mike get lost. So, yes. So just just to be clear, you're eyes only. See, you put your hand on the wall. You feel like there's a hole from another direction Through. Go through the wall. I moved towards the wall. Do you go see? Oh, Okay. All right. I don't see anything in front of me, right? It's just It's just all right. I feel some weird Cool. I know my rights. Yeah, I'm trying. All right, Uh, and you put your hand. How do you go through the wall? Well, I'm gonna feel where the pulse is, like a white whatever. Direction as you do a new branch of the hall,

spk_2:   1:1:36
you should turn around and try to do it on the other side.

spk_3:   1:1:38
Yeah. Can I turn on this, little honey? Yeah. So? So I'm gonna actually see where the strongest vibrations. Yeah. So you were the strongest rules. Find out. Differentiated. Okay, 14 yet short. So you could find the strongest pulse. Okay, So I'm telling you, I'm trying to be the strongest pulse, and we're going that way. Yeah, and it's not down the tunnel. That was It's often Teoh. One word. You guys. You guys going? I'm running, He's running. So as you guys are running along,

spk_2:   1:2:25
let's behind that way. I'm never gonna know I was

spk_4:   1:2:35
Oh, wait. Do you write about 50? You wait,

spk_2:   1:2:40
I e I remember general layout stuff. Okay, look really good. I can also create Doesn't charge. Yeah, I chanced apology that for about pants until forces saying probably left him out so

spk_3:   1:3:05
I'm missing you, like Discover. Does anybody have a night? I

spk_2:   1:3:08
have nice.

spk_3:   1:3:09
Can you, like, mark the wall and see if you

spk_2:   1:3:14
solid cool? Yeah.

spk_3:   1:3:17
How you figure? No, Mark. Mark Wallace even getting like,

spk_2:   1:3:20
yeah, if she could work nice.

spk_3:   1:3:24
Can you? Yeah. Then I just kind of like this.

spk_2:   1:3:36
Okay, um, have a future. That's palm, sire. I'm just gonna at the intersection. I'm just gonna train a bonfire. Just leave it like I'm gonna start marking intersections. Fires.

spk_3:   1:3:50
So whenever whenever we make a turn, make a bonfire.

spk_2:   1:3:56
Yeah, and make it from the so I'm gonna make it sitting in the direction you came from. So, like we went, we took up, right? Right. So it f or coming to like what? You turn around in the left tunnel. You see the bonfire to write marking that? That's the way

spk_3:   1:4:17
it's like walking

spk_2:   1:4:20
right. The bonfires were right in front of where we have to go.

spk_4:   1:4:23
Okay. So you have to cross

spk_2:   1:4:25
over the bonfires to go back, because otherwise it's just talking bonfire,

spk_3:   1:4:31
right? There's also not really like an intersection like udacity terms. You're not like you're not like finding other roses they open up. You're just following. Next turn one single. So? So the only time will be an intersection. Is it? For some reason, next turn overlaps ism. So you leased that at the entrance area when you first walk in his next year. Exterminated right and left. There was There's intersection. Definitely.

spk_2:   1:5:03
Yeah. So I marked it so that we know now. Sure. How about it? Like a walk, not a Hello spring, New York. Do perception check.

spk_1:   1:5:17
Yeah, I didn't think about that.

spk_3:   1:5:23
I will say that you're receiving as you guys are walking. Yes, I like it. This, like, all almost kind of feels like water. That's what doesn't. It just feels like you're running your fingers through the water, but there's no love particles or anything English. So you you're 16. So you guys were walking. You're receiving Probably to your sides. Can't really seeking car passed next turn. Looking around trying. Probably also assume you're also touching walls. Just tryingto figure anything, and eventually you decide to walk backwards and see that the walls are closing in.

spk_4:   1:6:11
No, no, no.

spk_3:   1:6:13
So there is no path back. It's It's something that a certain amount of feet that the walls just have and

spk_4:   1:6:23

spk_3:   1:6:24
can't see You guys are running in a straight line. Dexterously. You

spk_4:   1:6:29
finding that the strongest there is no going back now. Something street. I don't I don't know. I don't deserve it. You

spk_3:   1:6:48
run faster. No,

spk_2:   1:6:51
you guys. What if we just murder him here? No one will ever

spk_3:   1:6:55
I will eat the ring.

spk_2:   1:6:57
Just a way

spk_4:   1:6:59
to destroy the ring before you. Murphy. Oh, way

spk_2:   1:7:11
back is still there. We just don't know which way to go.

spk_3:   1:7:14

spk_2:   1:7:14
because you're running like a madman.

spk_4:   1:7:16
No. Do you know, like like I'm feeling the vibrations? She's like this'll. I accepted your deciding that you're going to live after we're going. Tell us, Father, do we have to go?

spk_3:   1:7:35
I know you guys are going to anyone else or do anything in this

spk_2:   1:7:41
way transported to space

spk_3:   1:7:49
so no one's doing anything different. Jesus. Just nagging in the back and you're just like you guys. Okay? This is happening. Yeah.

spk_2:   1:8:02
Haven't you got so far away? I don't know

spk_4:   1:8:09
how far back was

spk_2:   1:8:10
closing from next.

spk_3:   1:8:12
Probably like 500 feet. Okay, so you has been gradually follow in next picks up his pace and then next turn. Just trips.

spk_4:   1:8:25
Wait. You have a role for that?

spk_3:   1:8:29
No trips and falls through a rip sick. And you're now on top of a mountain. So, like so I'm on top of the moment. Are they, like, above me

spk_2:   1:8:46

spk_3:   1:8:47
Yeah. Yeah, it was like, Yep. So everyone falls just a little bit, but definitely on top of Nick Stern. He

spk_4:   1:8:58
should have to be. Yeah, I just wanted to die. I'm gonna check my race. You would

spk_2:   1:9:10
never give that up for

spk_3:   1:9:12
you, right? You guys are on top of a mountain and you're outside, and there's definitely like a rift by you. Is it like our world? Yes, it is a little world,

spk_2:   1:9:27
right? This works open is casually open.

spk_3:   1:9:30
As you're observing, that is, you get up and turn around looking like, Yeah, there is a rift there. You start noticing all these other riff Start popping up as your have you someone do it

spk_2:   1:9:46
20. Yeah,

spk_3:   1:9:56
So I'm just definitely the water notices first. But you didn't see Yes, our stead. And you can see how instead and you can see it instead. But you can see all three of the major kingdoms from this point on the mountain and overhaul. Instead, you see a large plume of reds start coming from the national. Has all these rifts started? You've never seen

spk_2:   1:10:24
it. Must have been.

spk_3:   1:10:28
Yeah, probably. So red is just a high alert level. And as far as you were told, they kind of lost over what exactly red means, because it's never happened.

spk_2:   1:10:42
So what's yellow?

spk_3:   1:10:44
Yellow was like, more like this is a normal amount of Chris Fend as you're looking around riffs or just dotting the countryside. Research? No, Just like as you're looking down like you're there's your rift that you just came out of the wrist closing above us. Open a bar in front of us. So you close the one of you and a monster tries to get out of it and kind of like, cut it in half in a little one of those blue. Those stones like balls. No, not like it's the ones that you exchange like you open another riffs is another time.

spk_2:   1:11:33
What if we What if we went through? I tried to tell in the direction of the Guild hall waken measure where we were first affair be enough if we just go in a straight line. That's true. We were going to twist. He's go

spk_4:   1:11:49
in a straight line. How do you know what a straight line is? You know

spk_3:   1:11:52
you can't walk a straight line, right? No, you can't. You can't. What that was proven on this bus is if you try and walk straight in any sort of like unfamiliar terrain, you will walk in spirals. It is a military too. That's how we do it.

spk_4:   1:12:16
I have a map and a compass. What did you do

spk_2:   1:12:18
that thing? Where you like. You look at a tree?

spk_3:   1:12:22
Yeah, basically, we have to do. But since we're in a tunnel, not for long distances,

spk_2:   1:12:30
why go like, runs our seats and see where we end up? Okay. Not like go the whole fucking leg. I'm in. No, I want to see if, like distance is different in there too.

spk_3:   1:12:50
My only concern now is if we're on the top of my feet now. 100 feet in the year. That way.

spk_4:   1:12:58
No way. No way.

spk_2:   1:13:00
We're on the ground and you fell down. Not for no far, but you still fell down. Way Live would not have been a higher altitude.

spk_3:   1:13:17
This is, if anything, it may have described three. Power is being about s O. Any objections is right. You're opening a rift. Open up arrests, and then we're all gonna go feet straight. Yep. So we can still see the portal behind us. That's gonna be our point of reference.

spk_2:   1:13:39
What if we're only going in the yard under feet? What if we laid the road behind us? Talked like, tie the rope to like, is there anything on up there with us? Like a

spk_3:   1:13:49
like a stumper

spk_2:   1:13:51
s. So, what have we tied it to? A stop? Walk the 100 yards with the road. Who's airport up and open a portal Because the portable. Yeah,

spk_3:   1:14:07
well, just feet. Using the back portal is a reference to watch Street Never open up another one of rivals. You're opening one. Yeah, right. You do that. And when you open up this portal, you are in the space, not the road where

spk_2:   1:14:30
I spent

spk_3:   1:14:30
like two. Six slows your other

spk_2:   1:14:35
Wait in space.

spk_3:   1:14:39
No, no tunnel world is separate from Griff Space.

spk_2:   1:14:43
What the fuck have you done? What if we

spk_4:   1:14:46
don't River rolled out? Try again. Close

spk_3:   1:14:52
it. Walk a couple more feet in the dragon. That rift

spk_4:   1:14:59
will go into

spk_2:   1:15:03
from Rift World. Where was the first way solved? How did we saw from Tunnel World into our world?

spk_3:   1:15:12
He never opened a rift. He found open rift.

spk_4:   1:15:17
This is a ring.

spk_2:   1:15:20
I'm doing this with their bottles because we have

spk_1:   1:15:23
opened risks from riffle into real world.

spk_3:   1:15:27
No, you have a thing. Do you want this? I want a role, like with number Intelligence or

spk_4:   1:15:37
something. So I

spk_3:   1:15:37
can tell you something that you guys already experienced. Okay, that's definitely

spk_2:   1:15:46
I got a 19 flush. Three up.

spk_3:   1:15:50
Enough. So you, as at least you two since you were into that role, if someone else lost it also have, like a So you two immediately remember that you could only close riffs from the way they were. So whichever direction you put together that you have now closed or opened a rift from inside and your world's rift has been closed. Yeah, that's all. That's all we'll give you traps? No, just r r ripped his clothes. And now wherever. All

spk_4:   1:16:40
right, where are we? Really?

spk_3:   1:16:45
So when you try when you tried Thio When you guys were in the pit the first time and you tried to close the portal from the outside, you could you could only get close from beans. Decided was me the world of decided

spk_2:   1:17:03
really world Rick World Open it here to go into ref world only close it out here also.

spk_3:   1:17:13
But next turn opened another rift and the rift behind you guys did close

spk_2:   1:17:20
open rest in tunnel world Is that this one closed?

spk_3:   1:17:26
So you so you guys opened a rift to tunnel world right in the tunnel area. Next turn opened another rift and what I described next and during his time off was if he opens a rift, it closes the one that he opened originally, you could only make one rift in time, Right? Rich aren't supposed to close from another direction, others

spk_0:   1:17:50
and the way

spk_2:   1:17:52
so it is really special. But he didn't create the other second rift that we fell through.

spk_3:   1:18:00
No, he just created this

spk_2:   1:18:01
whole just created this. So what? We're in our world? No, that goes against So way were on the mouth. Open it Now it's a little like the 100 feet be opened Another one And so now?

spk_3:   1:18:26
Yes, and we're

spk_2:   1:18:28
world, but we can't get back to our

spk_3:   1:18:32
Well, Well, I mean, I should to make another portal

spk_2:   1:18:35
feel like stealing from Rift World Lighter.

spk_3:   1:18:40
So what happened? What is if you open? Yes. So you're realizing that all that the rips from Rift World your world, you open a rift in risk world, it will go to your world and it cannot be closed except from

spk_2:   1:19:00
well, he opens another one.

spk_3:   1:19:02
Right, That's all. That's all I need to

spk_4:   1:19:05
have. You guys know Everyone go back to our

spk_3:   1:19:09
world. This doesn't exist. Thank you. My heart dropped next. So this is a big thing. I literally just scrap the rest.

spk_4:   1:19:22
Because the time is

spk_2:   1:19:24
different Now we're We're off the relativity where we are now is passing time wise. Significant. Why don't we So say this could be our power.

spk_3:   1:19:38
We could just wait out like two hours

spk_2:   1:19:40
and then get

spk_4:   1:19:41
the O or show up in the whole world. Theo Way. You said you worked really hard on This is way. Fucking thing. One thing I didn't

spk_3:   1:20:04
plan for and that was for you actually closed opening a new river from

spk_4:   1:20:08
you totally could have just

spk_2:   1:20:09
glossed over it. No, I

spk_3:   1:20:11
just wanted you guys to think about it.

spk_4:   1:20:13
Well, it's too fucking light, you know, it's it's like a really good

spk_3:   1:20:18
idea when you said it like, Well, maybe it'll be distance

spk_4:   1:20:21
relationship. You should have said something there. I just see a little disappointment on your flight. It's stress in your body weight. We realize that

spk_2:   1:20:34
the one went to a restaurant. We needed the over another one horrible way saying that we should just stay out of character. I feel like we would be like, Oh, shit world,

spk_4:   1:20:50
Look around. What's around this? Well, do you think about our timelines? I don't think

spk_2:   1:20:56
we should just get our world.

spk_3:   1:20:58
It's a lot of character

spk_4:   1:21:03
we've only been in, like, it's only

spk_2:   1:21:05
the closed for very like it.

spk_3:   1:21:09
So So just so you know. Well, Lara, atrial are the only ones having this, like, eureka moment right now, So they have to decide how they're going to relay this information.

spk_2:   1:21:21
I'm gonna immediately tell them because I need to get back to the real world. Yeah,

spk_4:   1:21:25
Yeah. My life is over.

spk_3:   1:21:29
So yeah, time in. There are monsters at free

spk_4:   1:21:34
wait time out, wouldn't we?

spk_3:   1:21:39
So just, like always understanding, like, two sets. So, like we're in the tunnel, I don't make it natural, cause Yeah, but now that we're basically

spk_4:   1:21:51
first portal that opened

spk_3:   1:21:53
that he erased by opening another one when that one closed. I'm saying you guys at a body because you were in that world and that you had remembered you remembered being in the pit and not being able to close things from different directions. Okay, so we'll get described to you with the round table meeting. What happened when he went to try and open a portal in the rift that has started closed? That is way up.

spk_2:   1:22:22
Certain clothes. Okay, wait here. If we go through this one. Oh, good one. Really quick. From where we are in, Rift World goes through it. Open a new one from our world to whatever's next. We'll close one behind us. Yeah, way immediately.

spk_4:   1:22:45
Close that one from the side. It was a

spk_2:   1:22:47
bit were hypothetically in the clear. Right.

spk_4:   1:22:54
So I get good enough. Maybe we will, too. Streets just open the tunnel

spk_2:   1:23:01
from tunnel world to reform. We realize that we that were in the wrong place, right? Bunched up, run through. They have next turn over a new one from wrist worlds Our world So we were were in Rift World. Now we'll know 10 you could be having gone through it We're still intelligible looking out looking at So we stay and no go through rest ueno the portals from rest open into our world Our world currently opens it to total other options So this is gonna be good. Yeah, like

spk_3:   1:23:47
it's just a video So

spk_2:   1:23:51
but then we have an open rift are right So you usually open a new one when we are in all to the next. Whatever. And then immediately close it again because we're closing in front of the way.

spk_3:   1:24:11
Are you ready? Yeah. Time and explain to that

spk_4:   1:24:14
way. Have to close. You

spk_3:   1:24:23
refer to it. We're going into the world,

spk_4:   1:24:30
you know, way back from way. We all sweet, You explain. We open in risk

spk_2:   1:24:42
because we can't get back on track forever.

spk_3:   1:24:53
There are no open portals. No, I could not

spk_4:   1:24:59
explain to me what you got.

spk_2:   1:25:01
So I hate this. So you're since we can only is if it can on Lee close riffs on the side that they're made from. We have now cut off our access to our world So we have to somehow will open a portal in giraffe Being rich world goes through a living another Why open another one in to run our world and then open another one into town A roll from our world to close the one The floor's the monsters s So it's gonna have to be there's Yeah, really

spk_3:   1:25:43
No, You do it

spk_2:   1:25:50
because we're losing so much time. We're agents wear not aging. Well, we are world aging. No, we're not agent. No

spk_4:   1:26:01
time. Who's faster here? They would have been older than next.

spk_2:   1:26:06
Er, it's relativity. It's relativity. So that where we are the time we're not ageing quicker. But the time that we're here relative to where

spk_0:   1:26:20

spk_2:   1:26:20
top of the timeline on air world is different. But we're not aging faster. Have you seen any interstellar? Well, then how come he said when he said two months in the day, he looked older. You're aging faster. So

spk_3:   1:26:41
you're just doing it So you do it. We're doing it. We're doing it. You go through. We

spk_4:   1:26:50
jumped into the river rolls loss ever making.

spk_3:   1:26:52
It does open back to the regular work. You open another one, you open. So you open the other one. Yeah, and that stays open. And I have two ports.

spk_4:   1:27:05
Eyes. What is wrong with you? Why? All right,

spk_3:   1:27:10
well, now there's monsters behind this and this poor right here. I'm gonna close this portal in front of us. The So just so your original plan, Liz, you're gonna make a portal out. Yeah, make a portal and hope that one closes and then close this one. This one stayed open in this one.

spk_2:   1:27:27
Maybe it's 1/4 portal. Her worlders may be okay, but we're on our road. Yeah, proceed it. See what? The world. Our world. What it looks like

spk_3:   1:27:45
I want to be like in the middle of the woods. Yeah. Where's the mountain? How far do you want to have gone?

spk_2:   1:27:59
I just want Eo. If distance is different, I

spk_4:   1:28:03
more than 100 seats. What? You find it

spk_3:   1:28:06
more interesting? If it was different, not different. Would you find that this is what I planned? It would be more interesting.

spk_4:   1:28:15
No, I feel

spk_2:   1:28:16
like it would be easier since

spk_3:   1:28:18
same distance failed. So, like the basement? Yeah. Yeah, you can see that. There's, like, battles, like starting your summers. Okay, closing fast. Shoot. Okay, here's what I want to do. Let me stick my hand in the portal, try closing it. Right. But obviously, I can't now my hand stuff like this. And then I was gonna make it really small. It's only re sizing. Okay, so you're gonna try and do that

spk_4:   1:28:53
or what you're making us.

spk_3:   1:28:55
So you're you're making this. So, like your bull portal Small. There's only one portal behind that's possible right now. So we're saying that you guys came out and are facing There was a portal here. You try. Just make another portal's. We're just gonna say the right thing so that this one goes to monster rib world and this one is what they both go to monster. Okay, so I'm gonna try and close the one that I made just now in our world. Okay. So close. Yeah. All right. Now, whatever, you I put

spk_2:   1:29:28
my hand

spk_3:   1:29:29
into this rip and then try and close it like that, but then I obviously can't close it all the way here is like this? Yeah, maybe Like this. Okay,

spk_2:   1:29:39
why don't you just make it one finger size weight? Question go. Why don't we do what we did before we went through One closed it from the inside. Came back out. Clothes that one. Forget how he

spk_3:   1:29:54
did that. So you back in the pit. If you open the rest, went in, closed the already open rift and came back out and then closed.

spk_2:   1:30:04
Yes. Why don't we just do that again?

spk_3:   1:30:08
You go do that again. This guy. So you make you say it into the little small. So you walk through your portal that you created from your world from station. You walk through that portal and start to close the wondrous world and your

spk_4:   1:30:27
way before. No, You don't know. I

spk_3:   1:30:34
don't know your characters do not. No, I'm not. Should I know? Just pull this.

spk_4:   1:30:48
So you have

spk_3:   1:30:49
you. So you having close these? You saw it. Start closing itself and you stop. And then should I close this? You're about to be attacked. Do you think there's only one portal? It is just a small wow. I mean, sure, they have a pretty big thing. Yeah, All right. So what do we do? Guys, there are monsters trying to Lex, please, their way through. I'm

spk_4:   1:31:33
going out. Okay. Cokie,

spk_3:   1:31:37
they're getting hurt. She

spk_4:   1:31:40
Yes. Wait. It's like, right. We should just go.

spk_2:   1:32:07
It was red, but don't write you. So I could still use still, right?

spk_3:   1:32:12
I mean, that cloud of smoke coppers like most of this.

spk_2:   1:32:16
It's still red, though. So you didn't lose any time. Well, we may have lost a little bit of time, but not like

spk_3:   1:32:22
so should we just start getting over the whole thing?

spk_2:   1:32:26

spk_3:   1:32:28
well, as you're running, you guys are actually extreme. Farley, remember? You see, in this two piece from the tops of mountains, Yeah. So I'm knowing Shouldn't you get is to do, which is a perilous journey? Yes. So I'm basically what perils Yuri's. You guys have some amount of rations on you that you're going to have to make

spk_4:   1:32:56
last few days. So long, child. Love doesn't push.

spk_3:   1:33:09
No. So So this is this is the part that I was since I had can scrap some notes here. Just combine two different things that could have happened. This is the part I was telling you before finally like you might have been able to you start, but now

spk_4:   1:33:24
Oh, they're so promising. Quality time with my pet. You could

spk_3:   1:33:34
you could have spent most of dark, eh? So what's gonna happen is I'm gonna need you guys to pick someone who's going to be a Trailblazer. Some who's going to be a scalp and

spk_0:   1:33:45
someone who's going to be a quartermaster.

spk_2:   1:33:48
What's that? Travel is there.

spk_3:   1:33:49
So the Trailblazer he is the one who gets to decide how quick you guys make it. Two to your destination. The scout. Make sure that you guys don't get ambushed by anything on your way to your destination And the quartermaster. Make sure you have enough rations for interest. So

spk_2:   1:34:09
but I plus 10 stuff.

spk_3:   1:34:11
So one second, their stats associated with this

spk_2:   1:34:17
I can always remember. General

spk_0:   1:34:18
out of land can always find food and water while

spk_2:   1:34:21
you wait. I am a survivor in the woods.

spk_3:   1:34:25
So you know the rations. It was a rational. Okay, the Trail Blazers will roll. Intelligence still rules wisdom and the quartermaster Rolls Constitution. Not me. So

spk_2:   1:34:45
wait. Can you? What's constant charisma? Constitution? It

spk_3:   1:34:52
should. It's your house. Hello? No,

spk_2:   1:34:57
that's called Constitute. You have Constitution doubt a lot of under dexterity. My station's plus to minus all supposed to. Actually, my intelligence is plus four.

spk_3:   1:35:13
No, you find your

spk_2:   1:35:19
way out of the three Constitution wisdom In what intelligence? My intelligence is plus three guesses that size better.

spk_0:   1:35:33
Dex, strengthen charism.

spk_3:   1:35:34
I think I could take an argument for troubles of

spk_0:   1:35:37
Index because I'm, like,

spk_2:   1:35:40
really well living. You try. Awesome. If I do, um, your scout wouldn't you say that uses a lot of stealth and acrobatics?

spk_3:   1:35:55
Nope. It's just straight was

spk_2:   1:35:57
living anymore about seeing you around

spk_3:   1:36:00
you. But I'm not even doing like perception like this is just

spk_0:   1:36:03
going straight with him.

spk_2:   1:36:04
I was sorry, state it wasn't just You can't read it. My I don't have anything good except

spk_0:   1:36:15
intelligence of plus three. So So

spk_3:   1:36:18
you should. So the intelligence one was the Trailblazer, But I'm told Laura that she could give me that dexterity. Works for you. Well, there's three girls, right? Yeah, There's rules. There's gonna be more than so. This is gonna be a day's travel. And if you guys had dark, it would have been two days travel. You don't have dart

spk_0:   1:36:41
It's for travel. You're

spk_3:   1:36:43
gonna have to do this four times. Well,

spk_2:   1:36:46
then I just won't

spk_1:   1:36:47
do anything for this. I don't understand how we could have had dark in the first place,

spk_3:   1:36:51
but you could have not gone through the rift and just followed

spk_0:   1:36:54
the compass of the ring.

spk_4:   1:36:58
No, you didn't. I You

spk_3:   1:37:03
didn't open the portal and decided to follow the ring without going through the rift. You could have scrapped art done the perilous turn. That way.

spk_2:   1:37:11
I did not want to go through that fucking risk. All right,

spk_3:   1:37:16
so first things for this establish Elliot puts one. Intelligence is the 1st 1 you said you had. Plus two wisdom.

spk_2:   1:37:26
I trust you. All right,

spk_3:   1:37:28
Kindly you lose someone. Mary, what was your intelligence

spk_1:   1:37:31
was one plus three intelligence. So you have your costume

spk_3:   1:37:36
is too Will make this extra fun and said you can't do the same one twice in a row that way. Okay, So which one are you going?

spk_0:   1:37:48
I'm whatever the wisdom Waas, You're still okay. Mary is being and Nixon cooking. Rationing passion. Okay. One thing. No.

spk_2:   1:38:12
So we add Okay, failures. Would you? I'm probably too. It's considered a failure

spk_3:   1:38:29
Okay, so on a 15 the Trailblazer takes a normal day. So you did you one day's travel. See, only three days away from the the place you have a whole group is a long three days away from the national. After a full day, there are still riffs. Open this, guys. Okay, so next we'll do food. Eso You failed, right? Yeah. Okay, so, you guys, you overfeed a day's ration. So now you have one less day of rations, so you only have two days of rations for a three day trip

spk_4:   1:39:13
hoops, and then you have a nice meal

spk_3:   1:39:19
this time. And then the last one is scout, which was tightly rate. Okay. You think everything is going fine and that you kept a watchful eye on and deals as your trail blazing? Uh, Lara doesn't notice that there's in, unquote, you don't actually see it, but there's a monster that this conference sideswipes you when you guys just see a purplish blue creature that is about twice the size of Nixon.

spk_4:   1:39:57
No good.

spk_3:   1:39:57
Just knock age real to the side. She's bleeding. Really? Don't you damage? Yeah, because on this expedition,

spk_2:   1:40:23
just I

spk_3:   1:40:25
we've killed rift monsters before. For the most part. Smallest.

spk_2:   1:40:30
Did I see it coming? No. You should use sticks.

spk_3:   1:40:38
Oh, I'm trying to script, See if I want describe it. It was just kind of a big mass right now.

spk_0:   1:40:42
This is It's hard to tell. It's

spk_3:   1:40:44
definitely real

spk_2:   1:40:48
way. Just try toe. I think this is right. Let's just book it. But then we're all just be really unfortunate if we get hurt by it. Yeah, it is. It's like attention on us. Yes. Can I play

spk_0:   1:41:09
my phone and try to, like, make it

spk_4:   1:41:14
really distracted? Nothing short. Yeah, district. It's lucky I love my mom. Oh, no. Play. Nice to know you are able to distract our way. Okay, so now you're

spk_3:   1:41:33
on, like two of your perilous turn. Who will do it? Rolled? You cannot do the same room is just

spk_2:   1:41:39
randomly assign. Wow,

spk_3:   1:41:41
This is the same sets. Get the same stats I take. I'll take arguments for each one. My intelligence was himself, so I'll

spk_4:   1:41:50
do the decks, right? You know you wouldn't let me do that.

spk_3:   1:41:56
I literally said that you could do that. You said it was your intelligence.

spk_2:   1:42:01
You said Laura could use dexterity for scouting.

spk_3:   1:42:04
Know anyone could. I said I could.

spk_2:   1:42:08
Do you think there's any way you want?

spk_3:   1:42:13
If anything again, wreck on it and say that the reason that Laura can use Dex instead is because she has the notary?

spk_2:   1:42:20
That's true way were nomadic. So, like it makes sense that I could really write Ugo I Constitution Is this one? No intelligence, all of us. One.

spk_3:   1:42:38
Did you really do for some ground? So we had a quartermaster and Lara a little oily. What are you doing? Trailblazer, she asked.

spk_0:   1:42:57
You can probably row Hell, you 15. Okay, okay.

spk_4:   1:43:13
So you're pleasing. Yes. 16.

spk_3:   1:43:17
So you reduce the number of days travel, but so you guys will get there on your next journey.

spk_4:   1:43:23
16. 16. We did not eat all the right

spk_3:   1:43:27
amount of Russians and you've got a 15. So as you're going, you notice there is a group of There's another guild that is currently trying to fight off um rift monsters coming out of there ifs You can tell everybody about this

spk_0:   1:43:49
and you can decide what you want then yes,

spk_2:   1:43:53
I say that we should

spk_1:   1:43:54
go around going

spk_3:   1:43:57
last day is really starting. All right. Last a seam. Same stuff. No, you have to switch it up. Yeah, well, I mean, my prostitution is, too. That's the only visitor. Only victory. Sure. Any nice. All right, that was your

spk_2:   1:44:24
intelligence. Plus three was already did the wisdom one.

spk_3:   1:44:32
Ooh, but my intelligence is one of my wisdom is zero,

spk_2:   1:44:35
I think lets it out. Because my only other one that I have this constitution, which is minus one, I could do Constitution excited. Okay, So they didn't. You do? I did this getting already. So I guess I

spk_1:   1:44:49
have to do a trailblazing, Which is

spk_2:   1:44:52
that intelligence? Is that the one that could be just there in your house,

spk_3:   1:44:56
I think. Did we just decide that I've got a guy dexterity because of her?

spk_2:   1:45:01
Is that stripping and Fuzeon? All right,

spk_0:   1:45:05
then I guess I'll do what I did. Just roll, please.

spk_3:   1:45:08
Yeah, she's okay. Then I will do wisdom. Wisdom for zero. I already did. All

spk_2:   1:45:18
right, so that I am

spk_1:   1:45:19
OK, but my only

spk_3:   1:45:21
one is either intelligence or wisdom. But Kylie already did. Was yeah, her intelligence has hired in mind. My

spk_4:   1:45:30
intelligence is a wonderful way to do it. Okay, 17

spk_3:   1:45:47
eso. Okay, so I noticed that someone from from what? You could see the first paradigm spot you or is about to spot first Paradigm cuts ahead. Kind of often there's a first paradigm that's off the side of us. And there is there, like, about to turn and spot you guys.

spk_2:   1:46:13
And that would

spk_3:   1:46:13
be no need to say,

spk_2:   1:46:16
Well, no, because it would be bad. Could be killed

spk_3:   1:46:23
as we were going to do. Um, I don't remember. C I yes, just one. No, no, but we shouldn't know that Sneak up on you. I guess she just call up in the distance. Or can I like, pause nine

spk_0:   1:46:48
and see what happens?

spk_2:   1:46:49
Wait. Do we really want to say

spk_3:   1:46:54
Well, he said that he's about to turn around noticing that's anyways so,

spk_1:   1:46:58
like, I might as well just call out to

spk_3:   1:47:01
I mean, you could you could prevent him from noticing you guys if you like, take a sharp turn. Oh, should be away. First paradigm. I guess

spk_2:   1:47:11
that's just like the main way. Shouldn't avoid that. Might get information. That's way. Yo, yo, yo,

spk_3:   1:47:26
yo, Yo, what were the other ones again?

spk_2:   1:47:30
S 17

spk_3:   1:47:32
Trailblazer and, uh, quartermaster. Okay, so normal did get normal reactions. Normal time. So you were basically there because it's it is only one more days. Yeah. So you're That's what he said. Yeah, like, you know, like, right over here. It's in the distance, but not a day's travel. Yes. So you're no longer in your parentless. Oh, So you're showing up to the first paradigm, Yo. Yeah, exactly that. Okay, Exactly. You should out and they turn around. And this is someone who's extremely recognized it. Because she is one of the officers of the first paradigm. The guilt leeches off her

spk_4:   1:48:20
hair. Is it our car keys? No, it's not.

spk_3:   1:48:29
What do you know? I only told you. The first guy, the one that you hate so much is named Dorian. Yeah, ee. Yeah. I didn't tell you anything. Names like there are, like statues of them through populistic. So, like of the five breaking guild members. And this is Laura Stina. Sand sock. She's She's a dragon born. She's like this really deep purple color. And she wears this like silver and gold plated armor. You say? What a purple suck. Suck. Yeah, She used one of the leaders of She's one of the first officers of the first things first. And she's just like doing work toe like some of these roofs by yourself. Just like sleep. Everything she shows. How

spk_4:   1:49:47
many have you killed? Too

spk_3:   1:49:51
many to count. Well, get over here. There's more reps to close

spk_2:   1:50:00
that. They've been open.

spk_4:   1:50:01
What days? Where

spk_3:   1:50:06
it's It's been a long time. We've never had risks like this before. I

spk_4:   1:50:11
was doing When did they open? They opened a week ago through the last two days. No. Lost for three days, right?

spk_3:   1:50:23
Yeah. Traveled three days.

spk_2:   1:50:26
Well, four days. Yeah.

spk_4:   1:50:31
Last one. Okay, closes again. Excuse me. I just just give you a

spk_3:   1:50:41
refresher. She just says, Like like this. And she takes, like, turned to that thing that she uses like these she uses too long. So it's not what you are. She doesn't like, say, like, like this. But she

spk_4:   1:51:14
gives you a look. Like

spk_3:   1:51:15
Washington learned anything. Like she's enjoying herself along with me

spk_4:   1:51:19
to the oh, she she just like hills.

spk_3:   1:51:23
Like five or six creatures at ST Licking. Once on, then you don't

spk_4:   1:51:29
know she's very strong. Just six

spk_3:   1:51:33
boulder long stores and just kind of, like slices across like a next. And yes, it just plows right through these creatures. They're always there, like, mid jump Look about to get hurt. And they'd just all cut in half and disintegrate into those little drop it

spk_4:   1:51:50
skip somewhere. I'm hoping she she what is this Terror? You have three

spk_3:   1:52:04
win. So, yeah, she kills them and must've been, like, the last of that riff, and it closes. And as that one closes, two more

spk_2:   1:52:15
way should help you should. I think we should help. Because if we get in trouble with the guilt for not being there, when they gave up things, you could be like we were on our way because over super far away Yeah, yeah, she'll get out.

spk_3:   1:52:45
You could say that. You guys have, like, an extra stone for you Just tryingto kill a little gas popping out of that little need. Yeah, sure. Just

spk_2:   1:52:54
like we were. You know, we were doing some like, we're bonding Guild bonding on the mountain. Like you.

spk_3:   1:53:08
I'm gonna say something is you have never not been able to see the Reds.

spk_2:   1:53:14
No saying like that's why it took us so long to get back. Okay. Is that we were on the other side of that, Do whatever works, trust. We saw that in. Like by the time the red smoke got there, we were immediately broke and came back. But it still has a long time because we're so far away. You didn't go to Yale tall because she told us

spk_3:   1:53:37
she hasn't paid attention to like any of this. She was just fighting those tour up those humorous?

spk_2:   1:53:42
Yeah, we're, like, huddling Public way should help. All right, over and like, I mean, it's not like

spk_3:   1:53:54
So you guys say to help. Yes, the second you guys start like and that she didn't get close up to that next trip to riffs over me

spk_2:   1:54:05
g this

spk_3:   1:54:06
eyes distracted. Yeah.

spk_4:   1:54:17
No use fighting you guys this way. Okay?

spk_2:   1:54:38
Any animal at all? Ever? Well, it has to be below challenge Rating. Yeah. You

spk_3:   1:54:44
below your challenge. Greeting. They are

spk_2:   1:54:48
really I I don't know. Where is it?

spk_3:   1:54:52
Must let me see. They're Children.

spk_2:   1:54:58
Damn it. I just thought of the biggest. Well, what's the challenge training you do Unless there's a reporter into it. You're drew level divided by three three. So it goes down too.

spk_3:   1:55:25
I mean, a real is only half the aschen grating. I kind of think what else? It could be

spk_2:   1:55:32
draft horse. I was just thinking of a creature to block him was really. But

spk_3:   1:55:42
I mean, a draft horse is only 1/4 draft. Horses are pretty big gears up to a big course. You like a Clydesdale? Wasn't Alice or that's a dinosaur. That actually two or less.

spk_2:   1:55:57
You did that, too, is it? It's a large.

spk_3:   1:56:03
That's weird because it considers a draft horse to be harder. You're on a large beast.

spk_2:   1:56:09
I can also become an ambush streak. But that's from the border dragging. You

spk_3:   1:56:15
know, we're doing

spk_4:   1:56:17
this thing doesn't filter. Yeah, and they just turn into a horse. You awake history? Oh, you wanna be? I'm just gonna join

spk_2:   1:56:26
into a bay horse.

spk_3:   1:56:27
Okay, big forces just blocking the view of Nick's turn.

spk_4:   1:56:30
Yes, I was blocking him.

spk_3:   1:56:37
Okay. You do nice. Okay? Yeah. One of one of the gems like falls when it closes on ice. And you doing another Jim Falls. Well, why don't we just keep walking around So, like I was like, stand to the right of way. Are you guys gonna do

spk_4:   1:57:08
that? That's, like, literally Okay, So I just realized

spk_2:   1:57:12
that uplink dog is 1/4 so

spk_3:   1:57:15
you could be

spk_2:   1:57:16
nice. I think it would be a running joke that ever so often I become him and person eight hands. So you never know. I

spk_3:   1:57:27
should tell you. You accept you will actually wear pants and not a sweater because you forget sometimes. Uh Sachi All right, you guys. Yes, you're just Just keep rolling and try not to get caught. Because the way I do this is you guys get in, hit someone to actually, you have to close it. If you're not getting rid of you're going be aiding by trying to be the draft horse. And I'm assuming you two will aid by trying to fight things that are coming out of the rifts. Okay, so So the main role is Lewis's, and you guys are adding a plus one. You see,

spk_2:   1:58:22
I I'm gonna change into a cave bear, which is also a large That kid like it's okay. Yeah.

spk_4:   1:58:33
So what, are we rolling? Going?

spk_3:   1:58:37
Yeah, we'll make the most sense. They're just trying to block his vision. for other people's vision dexterity. Just be quick about it, because is that 12 actually get 12? You two are just fighting. So you use whatever you need to fight

spk_2:   1:59:02
dexterity. Just 11.

spk_3:   1:59:07
I think all of you give a plus one. So if you ever get well, is it nine? Plus my dexterity? I guess it's just trying to quick so 10 11. So I know what you have in 11 plus three. So keen. So you close the risks. You

spk_4:   1:59:22
Are you going? There's a lot

spk_3:   1:59:26
of riffs, but he's left. Received were basic. Basically, What I'm doing is you guys can keep closing risks. As long as you keep succeeding, you fit. You'll have to do with Constance, and then you won't be able to close any more weight before.

spk_2:   1:59:44
How's that? He is. So basically it's way other failed. Our we fail in 500 turns. Yeah, what's

spk_3:   1:59:53
or we could just run. It's to go far. Yeah, where you could run the guild home. Just do that. Don't do that. I mean, the closed door.

spk_1:   2:0:02
I think

spk_2:   2:0:04
that's true. We didn't help. Yeah. All right.

spk_3:   2:0:08
Hey, we goes. Four of them were gonna rent us the dildo

spk_2:   2:0:13
did your policy for? Is it? No. So it's like that implies that we have

spk_1:   2:0:21
control over it. Funny, because them just

spk_3:   2:0:26
say they close monsters and foreclose. Okay? She's still fighting. She closed her, too, but more of open. Okay, we're going to go all right. Doesn't mean there's, like, no real reason, Albert.

spk_4:   2:0:54
She's like she got statues and stuff. I feel like the cop like

spk_1:   2:1:00
consequence of someone much

spk_2:   2:1:04
higher loathe. Cost the pros and cons of this not laying out for me.

spk_3:   2:1:11
Waiting. Good enough? Yes. Now let's ditch. What were you doing at the polls? Say, there's, like, two more riffs that air, like right in your path area closer where you can receive to see around. Yeah. I mean, I'll give it to you. I'll say that there's no there's no one around all very busy fighting. You still have to do the like block thing,

spk_2:   2:1:44
just in case. I Kate, are you all right?

spk_3:   2:1:51
Yeah. Close 12. Okay.

spk_2:   2:1:58
Arlan 19.

spk_3:   2:1:59
Okay, So

spk_2:   2:2:00
the last two So six. 13 but plus three, right? Yeah.

spk_3:   2:2:16
Okay. You got a plus two. So your total working again? It's

spk_2:   2:2:22
already one

spk_3:   2:2:24
more. That's like right in your pack. Explosive. You okay? So you close.

spk_4:   2:2:31
It knows that we feel bad things happen, and I want it feels equals

spk_3:   2:2:37
one purple lady. Can't fix the other one. Another drop.

spk_2:   2:2:42
I'm just carrying. All these bluestones

spk_3:   2:2:45
were gonna ditch that one. Getting North Island yet. Get off the road, Bends around it. Okay, so you guys get back to the guild hall. What do you say? You're Brokeback Mountain, and we just finally out here with situation. So the secretary is just like, losing her mind. Like a woman always gives you your little, like pamphlets or anything. And she starts like jumping. That usually here, like this is probably all you can handle, and she hands you five contracts. Um, it was easy closing Rex.

spk_2:   2:3:28
Okay. So, literally. All we need to do is close your wrists.

spk_3:   2:3:34
Yeah, I think Laura would probably the more intelligent You guys have five stones?

spk_2:   2:3:42
Oh, yeah.

spk_3:   2:3:43
She only wants you to close fibers, so let's go outside. And this turned back around.

spk_4:   2:3:51
D'oh! You go. You're doing

spk_2:   2:3:55
I don't like this deception. Well, we're not starving. Oops. Yeah, You keep closing them

spk_3:   2:4:03
well when we already have five Still very close.

spk_4:   2:4:06
Right? But the world is going to

spk_2:   2:4:07
be overrun by these creatures.

spk_3:   2:4:11
We're trying t o decide. If we want Thio, give five blue Stones to prove that be closed Fibrous because the clerk to get all gave a spot on Max Those bricks like that or

spk_2:   2:4:35
I'm pretty sure the stones. I'm pretty sure it's a back and give her still she just That would be like,

spk_3:   2:4:45
Why don't we just go home, come back in like, a day or two out of five stones? It's

spk_2:   2:4:52
I think we should go close. Five more Keep sounds we have for analysis. Okay, now, that's true. Even though reacted analyzed it really fast. Does it go right?

spk_3:   2:5:04
Maybe they

spk_2:   2:5:07
might be, like, just hereafter.

spk_3:   2:5:15
Stokols more? Yes. How, like party disclosing ones, they're like, right around the guild hall. Or you're gonna go out and, like, go to like the specific ones that you have, like she has something like far away is what you kind of got because they like the first paradigm, has done a lot of the like keeping the Gill policy. So there's not many riffs on contract that are near just one. You too,

spk_4:   2:5:46
Well, I don't know

spk_2:   2:5:47
if they go to where we were supposed to close arrest and the arrest of not closed? I don't know. We didn't do it.

spk_1:   2:5:56
All right,

spk_3:   2:5:57
let's just close this. You? Yeah. Are you guys gonna close them the same way? Just bring it. Yes, but first, you basically will do the same thing. Hiding the fighting closely.

spk_2:   2:6:14
But it's like no one's around

spk_3:   2:6:18
in case there is someone around. Like the All these battles are happening like in the woods. Essentially, this'll really high risk. It is high risk. It's very high risk to keep doing the right thing. But but easy is

spk_2:   2:6:37
also bad. Because if we don't, then we're immutable. Run. But creatures, what's risky about it getting overrun or failing?

spk_3:   2:6:45
No. If you fail, something will have to click. Something will happen with the knowledge of you closing dress with a ring. You know, I know that, but if we fail closing one, people will find out.

spk_2:   2:7:04
So we're just deciding whether are

spk_4:   2:7:07
you going to fight The castle are gonna be fighting

spk_3:   2:7:10
the way that everyone else is, or you're gonna be taking advantage of your

spk_2:   2:7:14
taking advantage.

spk_3:   2:7:17
Let's see if we fail, then people will most likely learn about that advantage

spk_2:   2:7:22
which we can use to our advantage. High yield status, more money.

spk_4:   2:7:28

spk_3:   2:7:28
also just pull in Iron Man and be like, Yeah, I know that people could become

spk_2:   2:7:39
No, I say yes, Right?

spk_4:   2:7:46
It's not If you eventually

spk_3:   2:7:52
okay Less. Let's just looking. But I don't like how many people are gonna fight. Fight a rift two. But he has. Do you want one tranquility? So let's there's too low.

spk_4:   2:8:11
I look

spk_2:   2:8:13
worried. Yeah, I Yeah. Apparently I have way lower each bead on what I should have right now. Well, no, I think you really know what you should

spk_1:   2:8:26
have. Just how

spk_3:   2:8:27
much do you have

spk_2:   2:8:28
before? 56. That's very she is 80.

spk_3:   2:8:33
She is Constitution. Yeah. You have 84 fighter. You're a road. You don't get a lot.

spk_2:   2:8:40
Okay, so I was worried I'd do it since I was just, like, wait to do that every time she Yeah, right. Yeah. All right. Well, I'm gonna vote that we try to use the ring. Good. Let's do it once.

spk_4:   2:8:57
Okay, here we go. Unit for this is this is what happens when you can eight. Okay,

spk_3:   2:9:13
What secrets? Here.

spk_2:   2:9:21
I got this. I got six.

spk_3:   2:9:23
He didn't meet the 14. So I get paroled to find out if someone notices. No.

spk_4:   2:9:32
So you you close this one? Yeah. You drop it.

spk_3:   2:9:38
What are you gonna do now? Yep. We can go and play musically. We close five down and keep one for

spk_2:   2:9:47
experiment. But dare we say that if you don't close all I mean, she

spk_3:   2:9:53
did also, like, panic and just be, like, here. This is what I think you could close. What? Did you just say it? Yeah,

spk_1:   2:10:01
It's a long five gyms. What?

spk_3:   2:10:05
You wanna try one? One?

spk_2:   2:10:07

spk_4:   2:10:08
Press our luck Your way, please. 15.

spk_3:   2:10:21
No, you made it all right? Yes. You keep

spk_4:   2:10:26
rolling, Keep rolling. Well, but

spk_2:   2:10:28
like, it's how many will we have to kill before we satisfy? Wait three more. Okay. Yeah.

spk_3:   2:10:37
Huh? This 13. So I need you guys juices 40. Weight. It's close to you. You're good. Okay. You're you're solid.

spk_2:   2:10:54
Okay, two more. What if I What if we, like, set up a distraction for anyone? Area Way. Did that

spk_4:   2:11:03
turns? D'oh! Do you have a smoke bomb? I have a candle. What if you do one of those so we don't You? Yeah. Yeah. Can you roll?

spk_3:   2:11:19
This has a role to do. Father notices.

spk_2:   2:11:22
Rather see that the McCandles only have three ever. Actually only have to look

spk_3:   2:11:29
for one. We don't really have to roll up. Works at Marie's.

spk_2:   2:11:33
Yes. For the last. Yeah, just

spk_3:   2:11:38
get free. One way, one, everyone. Cool. Cool. Yeah, really close.

spk_2:   2:11:47
Is it cancer way

spk_3:   2:11:52
Go. 12 plus 2 14 So you guys close them and head back to the Guildhall, the turn of in gems. You guys are walking back up and start to see that there are other. It'll start to walk back, turn on some. You can kind of hear that. Like the flyers? Not as much. It seems like it's dying down. And like, everyone's hurting everyone around

spk_4:   2:12:23
like you're in pain. I just straight up. I didn't head

spk_2:   2:12:30
where you just perched on your shoulder

spk_4:   2:12:32
for days. E o. I literally didn't he come himself? Okay,

spk_3:   2:12:47
So as you're walking back, you see that the red smoke starts to recede. Yes, sir. Almost back in, I think I described the National People Hall of having like a big like courtyard those kind of like a bit in the middle, right? So you get back, you turn having turning in moves here, your stuff. You have all our Jimmy's, right? You have 10 toe. Five.

spk_4:   2:13:18
Wait. Yeah, I just gems Alpharma. Oh, my. Okay,

spk_3:   2:13:50
So as you guys are about Thio, give over your tokens. There's a bunch of people trying to give over to open so much different like secretaries. Like the collectors essentially said, those boots, that different level gets go to good, he's You look up and there's like, some light coming as like, the as the red receipts. And that's when everyone notices that the red is not receding because the color is like that. They're not burning that smoke getting or the readiness proceeding because there's a giant rift.

spk_2:   2:14:25
Hey, well, I think we're gonna run it like I want

spk_4:   2:14:47
you to be. Oh, wait,

spk_2:   2:15:00
no one. Here's how

spk_3:   2:15:03
it's above the game. You could pose a very

spk_2:   2:15:06
could you scale it,

spk_3:   2:15:07
you know,

spk_2:   2:15:08
it's just me, and I actually close it. Let's try

spk_3:   2:15:13
to understand, like

spk_2:   2:15:14
how, But it's probably above the building. Slam your fist into the building and parole broken wreckage and then

spk_3:   2:15:27
I think it's close enough. How close is it to the ceiling? Right where the roof racking actually do that move? It's, like, not too far above the roof, so I could maybe close

spk_2:   2:15:40
try. We'll let the first paradigm take care how big one size rating with Louis

spk_3:   2:15:49
Lucy Large? Because I think regular great people. So, like the margin? Yeah. So, like, regular people are medium like happening nose and Forbes or small And, uh, he's large.

spk_2:   2:16:09
Well, I'm trying to see if I could be something

spk_3:   2:16:12
that would carry me

spk_2:   2:16:13
that carrying

spk_3:   2:16:14
You need to be a large the leader of the guild holes in copper who has

spk_2:   2:16:19
way all carry you like a big

spk_4:   2:16:26
way to negotiate with Peter.

spk_3:   2:16:36
As you guys were discussing, the rest of the first paradigm shows up. And that large dragon mom that you would see in the first trip you credit close starts coming down from the top. Okay, so it's either a scale a building and we close it or talk to the d

spk_2:   2:16:51
o give leader flies in the

spk_3:   2:16:56
air, fly me to the Rift

spk_2:   2:17:00
way of telling him. Either way, you're

spk_3:   2:17:03
gonna know

spk_2:   2:17:04
you have this all right.

spk_3:   2:17:06
So I'm gonna run up to the guild leader. Let's say what You're right. There's a lot of people

spk_2:   2:17:16
just look for people with wings. Yeah,

spk_3:   2:17:20
Who's in news person

spk_4:   2:17:21
beside you Find people

spk_3:   2:17:22
with wins,

spk_2:   2:17:24
I think. Yeah.

spk_3:   2:17:27
Okay. You know what, Carrie? Let's do it. You know, that is sure. I could just give you that.

spk_2:   2:17:48
I think we did that for Yeah,

spk_4:   2:17:50
I make you wings, right? I take my ring and close the rift. Yes. No

spk_3:   2:18:08
one heard that.

spk_2:   2:18:09
I whispered, you guys,

spk_3:   2:18:21
you guys were like, You think you're moving fast, But really, you guys are, like, panicking. And you're

spk_4:   2:18:28
you're not, like,

spk_3:   2:18:30
Not like we're still flustered around. There's a lot of people around. It's hard to move this fast, hoping Yeah, and you see Laura Steven again, just, like rush up to the front and start killing. Like everything that's coming. There's more than this is dragon Ma, but that's, like slow, sir.

spk_2:   2:18:47
Okay, well, I'm still gonna fly out there right now. Okay. What would be useful if I turned into something so late? I e tried to keep the monsters away from me. That was good.

spk_3:   2:19:05
I was gonna be to limit thumbs in the crab. So you're just acting a little bit for her.

spk_2:   2:19:11
I think she's gonna try. I'm trying Starts to, like, catch her if anything

spk_3:   2:19:25
s so you guys get up to the top and, like, some people are, like pointing and these smaller riff start opening around large one. So you guys go. You're, like, just about to use the ring to close the large one, and it shuts.

spk_2:   2:19:49
Oh, subtly. Stop. Excellent know, since I'm up there ready, I'm gonna look around to see if they all

spk_3:   2:20:04
they're all shut it. Yeah, okay. They there were definitely some creatures. Like, as you guys were on the way up. So it didn't look like you guys were also said, You come back down and everyone's just kind of sitting around. Now the old give falls like a triage center. This actually is everyone's very beat up. And you guys go turning your, uh, yourself. Yes,

spk_2:   2:20:36
I you know what do you guys think That the Dragon lady

spk_1:   2:20:44
is doing this for opening yourself so she could close.

spk_2:   2:20:51
We were getting close.

spk_3:   2:20:55
Well, first, maybe. Yeah, that's probably true. First paradigm, I don't think they're like Yeah, Ginny. Because they can lie close. All of them in this was

spk_2:   2:21:05
there when they first, they're always there.

spk_3:   2:21:10
So they probably

spk_1:   2:21:11
do know how to control the ribs. Superstition?

spk_2:   2:21:16
Yeah, but how did they have they closed? Maybe she has also, but she would have had to spend. Maybe she just as

spk_3:   2:21:30
well we'll turn in our stuff, right? Talks leaked gems do this month. Okay, so you do. And they give you, give you the points that you actually give you double, because that was a red alert. You know that? It's double. That's the last time you guys turned in when you got five points or 18. 19. He was like, Yeah, we'll go with you. Five points every time you close a rich. So she was Waas Michael. So that's 20 100. You guys are under guilt console

spk_2:   2:22:21
split between the four of us. We want to split five ways, but

spk_3:   2:22:28
wait, what? Did you do? The math. Yeah, and you know, so it's too much because you close five riffs. So there's four of you times five riffs. This funny has five coins is 100 times too for red alert is to under 25. There are four of you.

spk_2:   2:22:54
Yeah, well, those fibers explain. I was doing it

spk_3:   2:23:01
for getting 200 round. We each take 25 field coincident with the other 100. Yeah, Yeah. Then

spk_2:   2:23:12
37 wait, Other 100. And the things you know, joint

spk_3:   2:23:20
accounts. No. You want me? Oh, I bought the heroin.

spk_4:   2:23:32
Yes, you desire.

spk_1:   2:23:34
I was speaking with 10.

spk_3:   2:23:39
I would like Thio talk to Claire

spk_0:   2:23:40
in exchange. Wait,

spk_2:   2:23:47

spk_3:   2:23:48
you? 50. Thanks. And I think collectively you guys also hear

spk_1:   2:23:51
something fresh for being. I've seen Greece.

spk_3:   2:24:01
I have updated all here,

spk_4:   2:24:04
you know? Yeah, I e

spk_3:   2:24:13
so literacy machine here. You want toc? Laura Stina. You see, she's also just kind of relaxing. She's not nearly as she's still pretty beat up like he's got a bomb.

spk_4:   2:24:33
I flex my muscles result contest each other first. Okay. Well,

spk_3:   2:24:42
um, charisma is minus one, so I'm gonna do intimidation.

spk_4:   2:24:46
Okay. Intimidate Thio. Harold. Uh, 18. It is my time to show your go posing. Blistering 19. Don't you have a husband flexing my

spk_3:   2:25:13
boots? She'll murder you. You were You were the ones that I saw out there. Weren't you? A little in there take it. Yeah, well, no. But you seem to have held your own a little bit, so

spk_4:   2:25:39
I don't t o there.

spk_3:   2:26:00
What did you guys? There was something you guys said. Now I'm regretting Forget it. You said something first, right?

spk_4:   2:26:11
I mean, that's like that.

spk_3:   2:26:18
No, you guys mentioned that you only that that you had already closed much to her. Yes, I was exaggerating. You did? So she mentioned that you already closing budge, and she noticed that you only turned into five. Yes,

spk_2:   2:26:36
way enclosed a lost.

spk_3:   2:26:40
Yeah, he did. Now, just admitting that I was I didn't want to see we weren't doing much. We're just She mentions the sea you briefly and you're still flirting with her? Yes, yourself. So she kind of the struggles and puts her hand on her shoulder and, um huh, her shoulder and goes and whispers in your ear. She was using your some of us in Aerodyne We're watching what you're doing, and, uh, you seem to have closed. A lot of reps today is that some of the lesser members are even going thio calling you the voters of this. I'm gonna do hand signals behind me. do you

spk_2:   2:27:37
understand? I'm saying that role. We have a secret

spk_4:   2:27:41
way. Okay? Yes. Yeah, All

spk_3:   2:27:46
right. Really. She she's not like like she's whispering, But it's not like people right next to you can hear the lake. Everyone's kind of like spread out a little bit. And when they say what he says that one other water picks up on a little bit of what he said us all kind of hear the mumbling spreading and what you hear. One person clearly was like should say to another person. No one's been called over ogre sense. What is that? Is that a bad thing?

spk_2:   2:28:21
I think it's like a off

spk_3:   2:28:24
Yeah, well, so there there are people, like, looking over their shoulders at So they're basically saying somebody from the paradigm. I noticed that we closed 10 briefs vs. If I've been playing well, lower Stina notice and she top with like some and like when she was talking some of the younger members of the herd. It's spreading, so they're basically, like has closed more risks than they're letting on your kind of thing. Yeah, I mean, I didn't know it. We're in a panic. I'm just saying they say, Oh, I say So what would you do? Single chests out through the freaking voters

spk_2:   2:29:07
know? Let's not draw any more attention. What? I think

spk_3:   2:29:20
you guys have a three hour.

spk_2:   2:29:21
We should go back to treat our

spk_3:   2:29:23
asses. You walk out there. It's not everybody but you deceased people turning in, watching as you leave and

spk_4:   2:29:37
the oh, wait.