Halfwits & Failed Crits

Worlds Divided Ep 3 - First Contact, The Verethi Affair, Maiden Voyage | A DnD Podcast

February 02, 2020 Halfwit Podcasts Season 1 Episode 3
Halfwits & Failed Crits
Worlds Divided Ep 3 - First Contact, The Verethi Affair, Maiden Voyage | A DnD Podcast
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Show Notes Transcript

Our final summary episode to catch the story up to when we first started recording! The Syndicate takes candy from extra-dimensional strangers, Adriel keeps a secret, Anya has PTSD dreams, Melara is frequently a bird, and Nyxtern kills everything.

Music: Crunk Knight Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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spk_1:   0:25
I welcome back half wits and filled Fritz I have with me. Louise.

spk_0:   0:32
I'm Louise and Kleenex. Kylie,

spk_2:   0:35
I'm Kylie and I play my Lara

spk_0:   0:37
and Mary

spk_3:   0:38
I Mary and I play a drill.

spk_0:   0:40
Laura is m I A. Today. She had plans and I did poor planning. So we're going to record this without her. Unfortunately, this is going to be the last of three summary episodes that we're giving you guys before we kick off with the actual actual play podcast part of this thing. And, yeah, I think we can just kick it right off. We've got three different games to recap, starting with our game number eight, which was first Contact

spk_3:   1:12
Game eight. First Contact. Another day, Another quest for the syndicate. Well, some of them anyway. Suffering from a terrible hangover from the previous night's Tavern visit, Anya sleeps the day away in her hammock while Kevin Bradley have a Boy's Day. The quest this time is one. To ease tensions between the Kerala and Gretton villages of half a day's travel away from Hollis Ted, a drill Millar and next turn set out, choosing to stop at the Kerala first. As they approach, they see a small village with very few structures surrounded by sprawling farmlands. As they walk the main street, they noticed that there are no bars or restaurants to next. Rinse disappointment. Adriel quickly notices that the town's Ferg are a majority of tea. Flings me, Laura listens in on the air by couples conversation. And here is that the folks from Gretton Village are mining under the farmlands, creating sinkholes that swallow whole fields of crops and even livestock from what they're able to gather from the townsfolk. The dwarves of Gretton are doing this intentionally, trying to drive the citizens of car Lou from the land just because their teeth wings. The group goes looking for someone to tell them more about the tensions between the villages, and eventually they're directed to the village elders, several old and faded T flings, sitting high chairs overseeing the management of the town. But when a drill asks about the tensions with Gretton, the elders claim not to know anything about it. Feeling slightly defeated, the group heads out, wondering if they should go to Gretton. When a drill over. Here's a group of mercenaries talking in a barn she approaches and they inform her that Gretton may be planning an attack on Kerala. You, Adrian tells me Lara and next turn what she's learned, and they quickly decide they have to stop the invasion. But how? Of course a drill suggests assassinating the Gretton leader. Nixon seems to want to fight the entire village of dwarfs, while Millar A hopes to find a more peaceful solution. The trio quickly head out towards Gretton, hoping to intercept the Attackers and persuade them to stop somewhere in the woods between the two villages, the group finds the attacking Gratton's. Despite Millar, is best attempts at reasoning with them. They

spk_2:   3:00
will not be deterred from what they see

spk_3:   3:01
is saving their village from the influence of the devilish T flings. Atrial, of course, gets offended. And her and Nick Stern, who is always ready for a fight, attacks the dwarves, realizing she and her friends are badly outnumbered Mollari, cafs conjure animals and someone's eight wolves into existence. Hopefully, this will even the odds. In the midst of fighting the dwarves, the trio hears the bells in Hollis, Ted start to ring, summoning all something guild members to the Guildhall for important assignments. Adriel heavily argues that defending the teeth wings is more important as they're virtually defenseless against the dwarves. And next turn really just wants to stay where the fighting is. Mellor, a concerned that there will be heavy punishment, decides to shape, shift and fly into the guild hall to represent the syndicate and explains where the others are. Unfortunately, upon her arrival, she is told that it doesn't matter that the syndicate is defending a village on a guild hall quest if they aren't all there. The whole guild is delinquent now. Extremely annoyed, Melora decides to return to her guilt and help rather than try to please the Guildhall. Heck, yeah. The syndicate is able to subdue the remaining dwarves and convince them to return to their village and make them promise not to attack Carlo again. I'm fairly certain. Next turn made some very threatening remarks here, and a drill probably intimidated them a lot. Eventually, the trio turns toward treat our hoping to get a good night's sleep before the Guildhall delivers their punishment. While tracking home, the group notices what appears to be a large rift bubble unlike any they had seen before. It almost looks like a large circular dome covering part of the road on the inside of the purple glowing and swirling bubble. There are three humanoid figures. As the trio move around, they noticed the figures in the rift are copying their movements After playing some very difficult charades, Nick Stern places his hand against the side of the bubble, and his copycat does a swell passing a small circular object through the rift to next turn. Next turn places it in his magical gauntlet and turns it into a ring. Slowly, the bubble convinces until it blinks out of sight and the trio hasten. Toha listed to tell the guild masters about the strange rift. However, they're told to never tell anyone about this event. This causes some suspicions within the group as they return to treat our, but they decide they'll deal that once they know what their punishment will be. For ignoring the guild call

spk_2:   5:05
Game nine The variety affair. Several days pass as the guild waits impatiently for Master Nim from the guild hall to send word that the punishment is ready. Luckily, this has given everyone a chance to tidy up around tree tower. Just kidding. Next turn, admired his head collection. Millar a studied a drill, practiced her knife fork and on your drink. Finally, Master Nim's assistant kill a tear. A drought comes to the guild and informs them that, as it was their first infraction and they're not on probation, they have a special task that they have to complete. He tells them that they have to be on guard duty for coming of age gala for the drought twins. Edessa in guaran variety. They're told to go a couple towns outside of Halla said to a town where they're told you'll know it when you see it. They've been told to speak with the butler, and he'll give them instructions. Mollari does some pretty quick research and preparation and learns that there are close to 100 different drought families in this area. The breathy, Zara important draw family. So this gala will be attended by all the highest of drought society. Adrian looks into the breathy family ban. Ihsan Morelli are the parents of a dozen and guarantee and are throwing the celebration. Janice's sister tills her husband, her husband Liro, Brenda's and their Children are Ville and Carla also live in the variety manner. Another major family that will be in attendance is the Omar and Family, which is Merrilees brother Dallas and his wife, as well as their twin daughters. Nervous, eh? And Verona? The D M tells us that the identical female twins are super rare among the drought, and as they're coming out in a couple months as well, there is a pretty heavy concern that they'll overshadow Odessa after researching is much much as they can in preparation, they set off for the variety manor, where they meet the butler, who then informs them that because the syndicate did not answer the summons, the variety sent some of their guards to deal with a nearby rift, and they were badly injured. So now we have to be there guards for the evening. One duty is to man the door, checking the guest list as guests arrive. But we can't offend anyone by making them wait at the door, so we have to be really quick at this point. Jonathan hymns all three of us, about 10 sheets of paper with several columns, each of the most complicated made up draw names he could seem to find as guests begin to arrive there, Heralds announced them, and the group scrambles to look up the names as the drought is just breeze on past. At this point, I'm pretty certain Jonathan just kept going faster with all the names to make it even harder.

spk_4:   7:25
They end up turning

spk_2:   7:26
away to families, but are fairly certain that imposters managed to sneak in any way the butler returns to take them to get appropriately dressed and out of character. We spent about 15 minutes trying to decide what awesome outfits are. Imaginary characters were changing into the butler, then takes them into the ballroom, where the dancing is just beginning. A drill suggests spreading out to better observe everyone, so they set a patrol areas. Millar overhears that Morelli and Jell O's are the only members of the breathy family that don't get always get along. And Adriel rules poorly on her perception check and doesn't discover anything. Well Hung, you decides to introduce her to itself to a death, and Garron. On the left side of the stage is Garin, who looks physically formidable and Anya immediately falls in love. It might be time to divorce Bill, A death looks very prim, proper, but it really appears forced. So Millar in Angel poke around their patrols, but they don't really find anything of interest. I think a drill helped an old lady get off the dance floor, but that's pretty much it. Anya sees Marissa and Verona nearby and decides to go try and flirt. And I mean, by that I mean talk with them but quickly realizes that they're very self centered. She gets approached by a cousin of the varieties who tells her that someone is here. That shouldn't be dull. Sel from House deal Mellow Anya sends pants to retrieve my Lauren Adrian and informs her them of this development. Meanwhile, a drill sees someone trying to sneak out the side door from the gala but can't tell who it is from this distance. So Anya goes back to nursing and Verona to ask some more questions, but they have such snotty attitudes that she quickly tries a different tactic approaching Murli. Anya tells her about their suspicion that Dulce Il is here and gets a description of him. Upon learning this atrial realizes the figure that slipped out of the ballroom earlier seemed to fit that description and heads out to investigate as she leaves a commotion, breaks out on the dance floor merrily had heard all the catty things Norris in Verona had said, and was was confronting their mother, who doesn't seem to understand why she's angry at all. Luckily, the elder Drouot are able to calm things down in the gardens. A drill does indeed find dull Sel, who doesn't understand what he wasn't invited to the party, and he definitely doesn't get why she was told he wasn't allowed to see a Desa. As he's much closer to Garron wink wink, a jewel feels bad for him and decides to let him stay. Not telling Anya or more Lara Rude. Inside, everyone heads in for dinner, and it's security's worst nightmare. With balconies badly lit hallways and terraces galore. Again, the group decides to spread out for a better view. A drill heads up to the rafters to watch from above, while Anya watches the front and Millar a watches the back. Suddenly a drill feels smelly. Cloth drove over her face, and everything goes black down below on your realizes that four of the immediate family members are not at the table. So Mollari glances around to see if anyone is sneaking out and then realizes that a drill is gone. She quickly turns into a tiny elf owl to go search for her. But maybe it wasn't the best idea to leave on the alone on guard duty, Asia wakes up tied to a chair and blindfolded. She tries to reach for a dagger but has stopped, and she doesn't recognize the voices. She then proceeds to act as annoying as she possibly can, and the captors leave her alone in the dining room. Anya sees all but Verona returned to the table and goes to luck. Asia, meanwhile, has managed to get her knife out and free herself. And in the hallway she finds Anya and Mel are looking for her and Verona, but mostly atrial. They returned to the dining room, hoping Verone did it, too. When Mollari notices that one of the cooks doesn't have the exact same uniform, is all the rest and is instantly suspicious. Anya has pants, restrained the cook, while Millar, a cast, detect poison and his whole cart lights up. Asia yells out that there's poison and the cook yells back. That it's his job. He deals with the puffer fish and the other dangerous foods, and suddenly a body falls from the chandelier. Verona's lifeless body hits the floor in panic a wraps. The syndicate locked down all the doors and exits. No one is leaving until this has figured out on your checks. The bodies, while a drill, sneaks out and confront stall still again. And he's shocked when she tells him Verona's dead. Anya gathers three guests that were missing before an Asia will ask them all to say something, as she thinks that maybe she can recognize the kidnapper's voice is if she hears them again. Vein, if who is a death's great grandmother, sounds slightly familiar. And upon further questioning, Adriel realizes that she sounds like an older version of the woman who trapped her, thinking it could have been her daughter, maybe whose name is Mira, or even mere merrily. The group goes to bring them in for questioning when vain its size and confesses to hiring someone to do it. She said she couldn't stand to see merrily and Della's fighting all the time and thought that maybe this would even things out and bring the family closer together. Such a bad plan. The crew tire up and get the family's family members together to let them decide what to do next. They want her punished so the syndicate decide to take her to the jail. And as they're leaving the house, Adrian secretly tells Garron that his boyfriend is in the garden and he holds up a small note that says he knows, But he can wait. So they head out and honestly tell Master Nim what happened and then take vein if to jail the end.

spk_0:   12:31
Cool. And now we got our last game before Riel playing, which is game number 10 Game 10 Waas called Maiden Voyage, and it started out a little different than all of them I had everyone do individual scenes, so we're gonna have people read their individual scenes, starting with Molera. It's been a few months since the incident at the variety manner, and the syndicate takes some time for themselves, something they haven't done since becoming a guild.

spk_4:   12:59
Millar is

spk_2:   13:00
taking some rare downtime to spend some quality time with dunk. There's an abandoned village not too long and journey away that she brought him to us before the building's air, sturdy enough for him to jump up. And the central pond is great for waiting around in keeping his skin moist with little effort on her own part, Start also likes it for the opportunity to indulge his more feral instincts by attempting to catch the large avian creatures that regularly fly overhead. Soon the pieces interrupted. Asthma Lara. Here's the marching and chatter of a decently sized group of people. Millar ducks into a building and doesn't have enough time to get dart out of the water. Hopefully, he'll stay under until the group passes through. Unfortunately, it becomes clear that the group was using this village as a staging site for a larger meaning. Lara decides to come out and introduce yourself before dark can startle the group. They're treasure hunters and are fairly friendly. They explained that they have three maps and need to split up to cover more ground. There's a rich man handing out this job for who to whoever he sees, and they want to get the price first. So keeping Mollari and Loop is better than giving her reason to become competition. So she sets off with the party heading to the mountains. They find plenty of trinkets in the caves that the mat pointed out, and she happily gathers what she can, what she and dark can hold, which is plenty when they get back to the abandoned village. The three groups split up the treasure, but no one seems too happy. The Bounty fire has three specific items in mind. A belt, a totem and a locket, and none seemed to be present in the hall. Taking a closer look, Millar recognizes two things. The sketch of the locket is her mother's, which is currently tucked into her blouse. The second thing was the bounty owner Lord Montador. The man who killed Will are his mother and father, and the reason her mother hid the locket with Lara.

spk_0:   14:46
Anya spent her time like she does all free time. Another day, another drink or two or 10 on. You can't remember. Does it even matter slowly or quickly, a lot or a little strong or weak? Nothing is shaking your anxiety. Why would a jewel light everyone lying to the variety? Family, if anyone asked, is one thing. Banya probably would have lied herself if it came to it. But the fellow guild leaders, no guild members, no friends. Adrian lied to her friends. And even though on your nose it had little to do with Verona being murdered, she can't shake that. Any bit of information could have given everyone just a little more time to prevent it. Anya climbed our way back up to her hammock pants, frequently teleporting to catch a mist branch here, a stumble there safely swing in her hammock. Anya watches as the first faint hints of dawn start to read on the horizon. Staring up at the stars, she sighs and tries to decide. Did angels like Kill Verona or did you all fail together? Or does it not matter what happened to Verona Adria's lie hurt her as she thinks about her choices, the stars above seemed to begin to dance in a vision must be her drunk self starting to get this wage from laying down, though, as she focuses, it turns out there are lights dancing, fireflies buzzing about in rhythmic movements, movements that seem to change after being noticed. One after another, Lily leapfrog into a line that guides on your down tree towers, branches out to the woods. The flitting bugs bring her through a small swam and threw a tangle of trees and brush that eventually opens up to a small clearing at the base of a small rock face. Anya thinks she sees a glimmer at the top, different from the fireflies and begins to climb. As she reaches the final edge. She gets better footing and sees what lies just ahead. A beautiful, bright white horse, Anya pulls herself up and reaches towards the horse when an arrow zips past and strikes it in the side, killing it as it falls. She notices that as it booked in agony and fell in death, it's radiant. Horn glimmered in the light of dawn, following the arrows trajectory back to its source, and Anya spots the killer. It's Selene, Anya's friend turned rival turned murder victim. What did on you do that early morning? Many, many years ago? That's right. She pushed Selene off the cliff, and that is what she does again. As Anya sits back and observes What just conspired? She sees not Selene, but Adriel. She turns and sees not the unicorn but Verona on the ground. Daniel wakes up in the ceramic pants tucked close to recite you murderer.

spk_2:   17:22
I keep one sad kids secret and you all turn against me. Atrial

spk_3:   17:29
finds herself reflecting on how far she's come in life and how much further she has to go late. One night, when she was certain that the others were asleep, she exited her room and made sure to repair the disguise of its entrance and began a stroll in the dark. Tonight is the night that she prefers to be alone, and the close proximity of tree tower, even in her secret room, leaves much to be desired. As Adriel meanders from tree to tree, the forest just gets more and more. Dunn's tripping on routes in the dark becomes a more common occurrence, enough to be to work some for tonight of all nights. With the huff, she climbs the trees up to their canopy and breaks its class differ but barrier ever so slightly. With her wings hovering just above the tree tops, the moon glistens off and threw Adri als infernal wings refracting icy blue onto the pale surface. She hears a faint cry for help scanning the area. A drill can see a dimly lit hut at the top of a large hill at the bottom of the hill is where the please originate. She doesn't know whether it's frustration or the sea this specific night, but she decides to heed the cries. An older human man looks to have fallen and twisted, or maybe even broken his leg. It's hard to tell, since he is so frail. Looking on a small hill just to his side is a well, and it looks as though he fell down the bluff while fetching a lot of water. His cart, with many barrels lays just to the side. Adria loads the man onto the cart and wheels it according to his directions, but she didn't need them as a drill. Already saw the hut he came from up close, the hood appears much larger than she initially perceived. The squeaking of the wheels in the groaning of the man elicits a reaction from the home. Another man walks off with a lantern profusely, thanks her and rushes the injured man inside. The other man turns to ask if she could please. Will the water just a little further to the shed. If that isn't too much of a bother as she does a drill. Here's more squeaking not from the cart but from the house windows. It seems as though the old man woke more than just his partner as dozens of small soft faces stared down sheepishly from behind the windows. One particular soft face catches a drills attention as it's the only one with horns and the only one with eyes so wide as she beams down at her, she's given me zero to Bubs. As a drill walks away, a small sign pointing towards the cabin reads Orphanage All welcome.

spk_0:   19:42
It's a killing tam. There hasn't been nearly enough killing system. Next turn created the syndicate with his friends. I didn't create the syndicate, but we did with Francis the adventures Air Fun. But some of the verge is far too strict about the level of blood they're willing to spill. Time to take matters into his own hands. Next turn finds his way to what he thinks is an ocean. He's never seen one before, and frankly, he isn't sure you know what makes an ocean and ocean. But this body of water is really hard to see a cross so that must be a notion. Nick's currencies. There is no life nearby, so it must be underwater and he dives in. There's small surface fish, meaning nothing to him. Deeper down, down further, there are some shelled creatures, but still too small,

spk_4:   20:31

spk_0:   20:33
as next turn gets down farther and farther. His breath is definitely running thin, but next turn will not come up empty handed. Even once

spk_4:   20:40

spk_0:   20:42
he gets deep enough that there seems to be a body of water under the water. This is it where the real creatures live. As Nixon plunges through the dense, deep, dark water, a light shines through its an underwater village. And there are people fish people using the last of his energy to kill as many as he can next, er and passes out and floats to the top. Just find a village and then slaughter everyone.

spk_4:   21:10
I thought it was the worms

spk_0:   21:11
that I Maybe later Yeah, that's right. Yeah, okay. Floats to the top, where he is washed up on the opposite shore. Stupid small ocean mixture and ventures out in the desert before him. It's hat. It's very hot. Where are the things to kill? Next turn walks in the sands until he feels that something is moving under these underneath his feet. Throwing is a rapier as hard as you can down into the sand. He lands a hit. He pulls the rapper out, and on the bottom is a giant wriggling worm. You pull at it harder, and it's full length rips from the sand. It is a worthy kill 100 feet long

spk_4:   21:53
or longer he doesn't know or care.

spk_0:   21:55
After wrestling it to the ground, Nixon repeatedly snaps its spine since it didn't die once he ripped off what he thought was the head. There is more wriggling below you, and next turn sees more wriggling in the sands. He rips out another worm, and a whole mess of worms comes out from the ground. It's a king of worms, so many desert worms. Nixon kills them all until he passes out from dehydration. Nixon wakes up when the blood of his enemies drips into his mouth, providing just enough water to get his body home. Heading back to the tree tire with his many trophies, he plops them down on his bedroom shelf. When you

spk_4:   22:29
turned to leave, you

spk_0:   22:31
spot a small, translucent creature, it seems to be darting back and forth along the same path. Next, Earns feels like he's seen this before and calls out to the rest of the group. Hello, The syndicate follows the path of the Rift creature, but don't hear any alarms coming from the guild, and it's definitely been a while. Instead of heading to the National Guild Hall, they elect to send an animal messenger toe, warn everyone of rift activity. While continuing onward, the Rift creature leads the party to a cave, and next term runs in. After following some winding tunnels, they find a spacious cavern with a large pit in the ground and see the rift creature rubber banding into the pit. A drill flies down to check it out, and once at the bottom, a rift begins. Opening. Echoing from the cave tunnels, comes the now familiar sound of the National Guild halls alarm system. Why were they so late to picking up the threat? This time, Volare proposes, the party should go back to the Guildhall to prevent incurring another punishment quest. Next turn agrees, but just then his ring starts glowing extremely bright. The rift fully opens in Anya tries to communicate with the large being forcing its way out. Unfortunately, they're two different to effectively communicate. But listening closely reveals that the group can hear faint whispers coming from inside the portal. Maybe if they were louder, they could have decipher the language with no time to worry about that. At the present, atrial creates a deadly poison and dumps it down the massive creatures. Mom Lara, now wild shaped into a bird, flies up to next turn to see his glowing ring, and he moves his arm in a circle and a new rift opens. He moves in the opposite direction, and it closes the rift. Millar convinces next turn to give her the ring, and she throws it toe on you at the bottom of the pit and on your climbs to the edge of the ma and opens another rift directly above the creature so that it would enter the new rift as it exits the other. While the creature is in its endless loop of rifts, the party scrambles back up the pit. The syndicate here is the second bell, the signals, the all clear except their rift is still open. The party decides to wait and see if anything stops coming through. Nick's turn, Sick of Waiting, takes action. He decides to go through the rift, leave it open and closed the original one from the inside than return through the rift he created. The world inside is all blue in very sterile. There's nothing around. It's all flat plains. This rift happens to be on the underside of a bridge. Millar, a. As still as a bird flies through, encloses the original portal. Then they both run through. The rift they created enclose it, realizing that they didn't get any proof that they had closed the rift, they open another portal, onion, a drill, shoot a small creature through the new rift and collect enough of the proof. As the syndicate wraps up another great rift Hunting day, the poster boy from the first paradigm shows up. Norian is suspicious that they were able to close this rift on their own, but let's bygones be bygones. The syndicate heads back to treat our to process the new information that they have learned about Nick's turns, Rift Stone and to analyze Dorian's odd reaction, along with how he even knew where to find them and that's it. We're caught up on all of the summaries. So I guess we'll do one last discussion about these last few games. And then you guys will be pretty much onto the real

spk_4:   25:46
deal. Who?

spk_0:   25:48
Anyone have any lingering questions? Common?

spk_2:   25:52
How do you pronounce that name?

spk_0:   25:54
What name?

spk_2:   25:56
Well, I said Kerala You.

spk_0:   25:58
Oh, the tea fling town.

spk_4:   26:01
I think I said Kerala, You Caray, Lou Carroll. Ooh, Carol! Ooh! And every other. No intonation of those letters you could possibly think up.

spk_0:   26:12
I think it's Carol. Ooh, it was Kerala. Ooh,

spk_2:   26:15
I think it's caribou.

spk_0:   26:17
Who? Caribou. What was that Jimmy Neutron skit was gonna take care of? Lulu the alcohol. Ah, one thing that I want to bring up is that Kylie, When writing the game 81 the first summary that we read decided to leave out that Nick's turns way of antagonizing the the door village was he picked up a child and cut it across the

spk_4:   26:41
face. I forgot about that.

spk_0:   26:44
They deserved it, though

spk_4:   26:46
I'm still it's kind of salty that I unfortunately had to keep this poor little sad

spk_3:   26:53
child secret. And you guys all turned against me and hate me forever. And laura slash Anya actually had a revenge dream

spk_4:   27:01
about. She murdered you in that, You know, it seems a little excessive for me trying to save this poor little kids like heart from breaking.

spk_0:   27:11
But you killed them, right?

spk_4:   27:13
No. Well, I think the problem was that, like, it was important

spk_2:   27:17
information. It was someone who was there who wasn't supposed to be there. And you didn't tell the people you were supposed to be working with to protect a craft on the people.

spk_4:   27:28
But I knew he didn't do it. You did not, Uh, you could you could guess

spk_2:   27:37
and hope that he didn't do it, But you couldn't know

spk_4:   27:40
it. You didn't know this person. You've never met him before.

spk_0:   27:42
I specifically gave aid rial, I think two whole chances to say something to the rest of the group about this guy and like, specifically, was like, Do you have anything else to tell them? And she was like,

spk_4:   27:55
No. Yeah, and then met a game everyone turns around. It is like, what? Like Sorry, y'all don't know. Adrian wouldn't have given the information up. And I seem to be the older character that can play like evil. Wrong. I slashed a child in the face. Alignment wise. I think, you know, it was chaotic. Even erotic. Yeah, we're, uh,

spk_0:   28:21
very evil.

spk_3:   28:23
That's true. Okay, I take that back way. Should mention what everyone's intended alignments are. I think I was pretty neutral, neutral, true, neutral on on this game,

spk_0:   28:34
I'm sure

spk_4:   28:35
whatever the heck I wanted

spk_0:   28:36
neutral evil is probably I'd say

spk_4:   28:38
I'm not I'm not evil, though. My whole it's all. It's all the

spk_3:   28:42
defense mechanism because my poor little child's heart was broken when my

spk_4:   28:47
friend died.

spk_0:   28:48
Which now that she says that I'm realizing that we need to record an episode where or have separate recordings of all these guys back stories

spk_3:   28:55
that probably wouldn't hurt. My, uh,

spk_2:   28:58
I think Lara's alignment is probably closer to the, like, lawful good side. Um, mostly because

spk_4:   29:07
probably lawful. Good. Hey, now

spk_2:   29:12
you're I mean, you're right. Um, mostly because I realized that I, as a human being, would have a really, really hard time not acting the way I normally do the first time ever playing D and D. So I purposely created a character that was as close to my own personal values as I thought I could get.

spk_0:   29:35
That's actually another good point. I think this is everyone's first riel campaign. I don't think you played before Mary. We had those few, like college games, but they weren't super serious.

spk_4:   29:48
Yeah, I mean, I feel like

spk_3:   29:49
I definitely got invested in the characters that we played, but not nearly as much as atrial is like Like I'm sad that this is our last recording of her.

spk_0:   30:00
Yeah, well, you'll get to record the backstory now that we remember.

spk_3:   30:03
It's not the last.

spk_0:   30:06
Louise, How did you feel about that murder mystery game that you weren't present for? Confused? I did.

spk_4:   30:13
What? What was happening? So many names. What? What was accomplished. That was the redacted version. But yeah, I know exactly like what it was like. Was it

spk_0:   30:23
like a noble bird like that? Anybody from that story? Continue on

spk_2:   30:27
No, Nim. Uh, Master Nim is one of the Guild Guild misters. Oh, stop it. He has no secret she wait. Name was a girl.

spk_0:   30:41
That was a man the whole time.

spk_2:   30:42
I definitely thought Nim was a dude the whole time

spk_0:   30:45
brood. Just assuming his gender.

spk_4:   30:49
Oh, no, I've done it. I want my I think

spk_2:   30:55
Nim was like after the party. Is that right?

spk_4:   31:00
Yes. Okay. So like I think it was, I think it was

spk_2:   31:04
mostly Jonathan trying to figure out a game that, like, the three of us, could play by ourselves.

spk_0:   31:11
Did you solve the murder mystery? You know, the roof, The body fell from the roof, and that was a different schedule.

spk_2:   31:16
You might, John. Then you might be able to tell better. But I know you had I remember vaguely that you had said that there was one group in particular that if we hadn't turned them away, something different would have happened.

spk_0:   31:27
I barely remember. But there you did catch one of the assassin groups and they had to find a different way in which you guys may have been able to catch at some point. But there's, you know, per usual a lot of bad rules.

spk_4:   31:44
Well, yeah. Um

spk_0:   31:47
but you did let in two different groups that weren't allowed there. One of them happened to be a hit man group. One of them happened to be ah Garon's lover.

spk_4:   31:57
Well, sorry. Which pretty

spk_0:   32:00
good too. Thio accidentally let in because like there were a few like random ones that were just like peasants that weren't invited to this high class event and that those were some of the one. You turned away two of those and then one of the hit men groups. But the other hit man group got through, and then the gay lover

spk_4:   32:20
got through. Well, when you read off

spk_2:   32:22
really complicated names at light speed, it's really hard to verify that

spk_0:   32:27
for your reference lease, we literally had five pages per person of three columns of names it when I was just read. I had the pages that I handed out to them. We're in a different order than the pages I had for myself, and I was just lightning reading.

spk_4:   32:43
He's the

spk_2:   32:44
worst, like, legitimately. I wanted to murder you in the middle of that game.

spk_4:   32:50
It was really funny. Honest for you. Maybe. I

spk_0:   32:54
thought you guys had fun because you were, like, panicking and like yelling at each other. Do

spk_4:   32:58
you have that name? Do you have that day

spk_0:   33:00
but have made for fun role play? I think

spk_4:   33:01
I had

spk_3:   33:02
fun at this game. I remember it was it was really fun, laughing because eventually, I think Kylie and Laura were

spk_4:   33:09
really, really concerned. It at some point, I was like, you know, just let him all in. Let's see what happens. Bucket,

spk_0:   33:17
I Anything else? Probably from the last game. I just want to say I'm really upset that we didn't include all the times I put the ring into my butt because it was a lot. It was, like, six times in the last couple of

spk_3:   33:31
least this isn't that kind of podcast

spk_4:   33:33
is okay. It is

spk_0:   33:35
that kind of

spk_4:   33:37
we do market explicit

spk_0:   33:39
lot of moving

spk_3:   33:40
and all the swearing,

spk_0:   33:42
specifically the boof ing wen nori and walks into the cage. Nixon took absolutely no time at all. Did you say I shove it up my ass

spk_4:   33:51
Because it was still glowing

spk_0:   33:52
really bright. And oh, we also didn't mention that. Recap that every time it, like, glowed like pulse like vibrating.

spk_4:   34:00
Oh, yeah, it

spk_0:   34:01
was guiding. You guys like a compass?

spk_2:   34:03
Yep. And the next day he just goes, I shove it up my butt.

spk_0:   34:06
Yep, to hide the glowing. But also it was vibrating. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Are we

spk_4:   34:13
good? Yeah,

spk_0:   34:15
awesome. So thanks for listening, everybody, This is the end of the summaries, which I know you probably weren't looking for when we say that this is an actual play. But it s so

spk_4:   34:25
we're getting

spk_0:   34:26
onto that. We're going to edit these as we have time in our buzz spread account. So we pay for three hours, so we will upload three hours a month. Maybe if we're feeling it will throw some more money at it so that we can upload more than three hours a month. You can find our social media stuff at failed Critz for Facebook and Twitter. You can send us an email at half wit failed Critz at Sorry, Half Wits failed Critz at gmail dot com. You can visit our website at www dot half wits failed chris dot com, and we have a Ko Phi, which is ko dash f i dot com forward slash half wits failed. Critz,

spk_4:   35:06
have we determined

spk_3:   35:07
if it's ko phi or coffee,

spk_0:   35:09
it's definitely supposed to be coffee, But I absolutely can never look at it and say coffee instead of Cofie.

spk_4:   35:14
Ah, okay. Coffee. I'll buy you a co fighter did

spk_0:   35:20
buy me one Ko Phi.

spk_2:   35:22
Speaking of Ko phi, I just looked at it. And I really enjoy whoever wrote toss a coin to your podcast hosts.

spk_0:   35:29
Yeah, we already got a few donations, so that's pretty cool. Thank you for the use of our theme song Crunk Night by Kevin McCloud. You confined his soundcloud in our show notes along with other ways to contact us, Donate all that stuff. So I guess without further ado, the next episode is going to be the rial deal. Thanks for listening is long and we hope you enjoy the rest of the show. Five.

spk_1:   35:57