Halfwits & Failed Crits

Worlds Divided Ep 2 - The First Rift, Light the Night, Down the Rabbit Hole, Whisperveil Estate

January 26, 2020 Halfwits & Failed Crits Season 1 Episode 2
Halfwits & Failed Crits
Worlds Divided Ep 2 - The First Rift, Light the Night, Down the Rabbit Hole, Whisperveil Estate
Halfwits & Failed Crits
Worlds Divided Ep 2 - The First Rift, Light the Night, Down the Rabbit Hole, Whisperveil Estate
Jan 26, 2020 Season 1 Episode 2
Halfwits & Failed Crits

Welcome back to our second summary episode, with only one more to go before we hit the real game!

The Syndicate meets The First Paradigm. Adriel discovers she just doesn't trust happy people, Nyxtern throws everyone, Melara tells a demi-god of knowledge that it's dumb, and Anya nuts at architecture.

Music: "Crunk Knight" by Kevin MacLeod

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Show Notes Transcript

Welcome back to our second summary episode, with only one more to go before we hit the real game!

The Syndicate meets The First Paradigm. Adriel discovers she just doesn't trust happy people, Nyxtern throws everyone, Melara tells a demi-god of knowledge that it's dumb, and Anya nuts at architecture.

Music: "Crunk Knight" by Kevin MacLeod

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spk_0:   0:26
Welcome back quits bailed Critz I've got with me, Kylie,

spk_1:   0:32
I play my Lara a Elvin Druid. Mary, I made realty fling. Assassin Laura. I'm

spk_4:   0:39
Anya. What? Elf Ranger

spk_2:   0:41
and Louise. I'm next turn 1/2 Orc mercenary fighter and I'm your dungeon Master Jonathan, we're back for Episode two where we are still re capping some of the games that we never reported. This was a campaign that we started playing before we ever got audio equipment. And around Episode 11 we end up start recording, And that's where we'll kick you guys off after the next episode. This episode we're recapping our games four through seven. So four different games for you and then at the end, just like last time. We're gonna have a little bit of a conversation afterwards, and yeah, I think we're ready to go. So who has Game four?

spk_1:   1:23
I do. Nice. Irate. So Game four was titled The First Rift. Our party awakens in an incredibly hungover state on the shores and cobblestones of Tenoch Village, Tenoch Village. After a long night of partying with the Onyx Rose Krog Lee, they dragged each other back to tree tower where they found Isaac waiting with news from the National Guild Hall. It was a quest

spk_3:   1:45
board, and it had been installed overnight with information on how to rank up is a guild recruiting more members, expanding our guild land and collecting more guilt coins through the quests that were

spk_1:   1:55
posted? The party's sobers up and heads out to Hollis Ted Marketplace to gather information and hopefully recruit some new members while talking to the different merchants

spk_3:   2:04
and learning more about how the city of guilds functions, Adriel sneaks off to use their criminal connections to try and get some more like minded individuals to join up.

spk_1:   2:12
Per usual. The role was a failure, and she was approached thing and she was approached not by a criminal but an old homeless dwarf looking for Gil to make a few coins. His name was everyone, and it turns out he was also a skilled gardener, which the party decided was close enoughto landscaper toe warn, bringing him aboard for the guilt land expansion. Just then, a large yellow cloud fills the sky emanating from the National Guildhall headquarters. The streets were thrown into a panic as everyone dropped what they were doing dawn to their guild colors and ran for the hall at the center of the city. Next turn and calf take the chaos is a sign they should start fighting an attack. A large red dragon born a leader of the red oath and owner of the Dead Skull pub. Needless to say, the syndicate was no longer welcome in that establishment. They took it in stride, though, as Hollis Ted was in no short supply of drink Aries. As everyone poured into the guild hall, wizards raised the interior courtyard into an elegant platform just above the heads of the masses. Mollari notices an imposing female with a small, glowing pseudo dragon not paying any mind to the assembly. On the platform stood three regal figures and Eric Ah CRA, a drought and a dragon. Born calves. Meena of the Onyx Rose finds the party in the crowd and explains that their gala, Ron Nim and Eric CIA, respectively. Kuzmina Hash is the crowd as Grandmaster Gala Ron begins to speak. We were heroes of Wait, Um, we were heroes of the Great Rift War, and now we are your grand masters. We created the Kingdom of Halstead to train the best adventurers in all the land in retired. We asked that when the occasion presents itself, your guilt take on the task of the continued defense of the country of a space Shia through the remnant riffs and their monstrous invaders. When we sound the alarm you heard today and light the fires that filled this guy was smoke. You are to respond to the rift threat by coming here and retrieving your orders. Stationed behind you and organized by guild rank. The threat today is standard, but as always, time is not a resource we have to waste. Go forth, close your sign drifts and return for your payment. This the grand masters and crowd raised their fists. Enchant Ignace Vocus Knauss. Immediately, the guild lines up to retrieve their orders. The syndicate is tasked with closing a minor rift in the bicep swamps. A few our travel sell the Palestine on their way. The heat gets unbearable and slows them down. The slower they walk, the thicker the swamp feels on their legs in the distance. A small, translucent and colorful specter appears by a bush and is on your goes to inspect it, she steps right into a rope trap that hangs her upside down from a tree. The party is surrounded by swamp elves who put up a poor ambush while everyone else rolls good perception checks, and they were quickly dispatched. Next turn takes the lone Survivor and intimidates them while Adrian cuts down on you. Malaria asks some questions about the location of the rift, and what that creature is. The elf doesn't know, and their head was quickly added to Next turns belt on further inspection of the small spirit. It seems like it was a projection of sorts, and every few milliseconds it looks like all of its lights were being dragged to a point in the far distance before returning to the same spot mere moments later. This would be coined as rubber banding by the party, and they followed the creature's light trails to a clearing surrounding a large pit. At its bottom were hundreds of these small spirit creatures, all rubber banding to different locations, all different colors, all connected to a definitive central point. And as the syndicate satin observed, they noticed the spirits were becoming more and more tangible, not looking to find out what happens when they reach full opaqueness on your shoots, an arrow at the central point and Critz go on you. The ground of the bottom of the pit begins to crack and shake the spirits, accelerating the rubber, banding wildly until a small ring was clearly in the center. Then it started growing rapidly. This would be their first rift. Okay, the syndicate jumps down the pit, fighting the smaller if spirits as they descend. But as they reached the bottom, they realized they weren't quite quick enough, and the pit was deeper than they had anticipated. The rift was larger than any of them, and slowly from its center came a gaping, translucent Ma, pointing to the sky as it retreated from the rift. Next turn decided that this was trouble that they would not be able to handle and grabbed each jaw, using all of his strength to attempt to force it back down. From once it came all while the others unleashed a salvo of attacks against its evermore tangible scales. Just as the creature was about to pry itself free from next turns grip, a booming voice yelled for him to stand back. Ah, hooking Paladin in shimmering white with orange trim and a purple guild sigil and Cape Slims, their shield down on top of the mouth, instantly drilling it back. Beyond the portal, the syndicate made quick work of the remaining small spirits as they watched this knight in shining armor damaged the rift, forcing it to close. Wow, that was not meant for new guilds. You all did well, fending that thing off until I was over to arrive. The name's Norian Guild, master of the first paradigm. Run along and collect your reward from the guild hall. This rift is on mean newbies. Fuck that guy. His sickening, sweet and heroic grin didn't sit too well with the Syndicate, but on return they did get their reward. As they waited for the clerk to come back with their coins, Mollari noticed a ledger board hanging prominently in the atrium. The first paradigm sat comfortably on the top. In a city bursting with skilled adventurers, the syndicate had a goal beat that smug grin off, nor even the first paradigm. I like that. I

spk_2:   7:50
made him sound like a doofus. There's no ignore it.

spk_1:   7:54
Yes, it is. It's cannon. Now it's recorded, supposed to sound like

spk_2:   7:57
I haven't played Norian. And so long.

spk_1:   8:00
Good. I hate that guy.

spk_2:   8:01
Give me the lines. Wow, that was not meant for new guilds. You all did well, spending that thing off until I was able to arrive. The name's Norian Guild, Master of the first paradigm Run along and collect a reward from the Guildhall. This rift is on me, newbies. Fuckin I think it sounds exactly the

spk_1:   8:21
same. Me to actually

spk_2:   8:24
pretty spot on. That was the recap of Episode four were on Episode five which is gonna be read by Mayor Re

spk_3:   8:31
Game five. Light of the night. Our heroes begin their day offering to help Isaac the navigator, check out some of the ruins. Next turn refuses to wake up so they head on without him. Unfortunately, that involves climbing

spk_1:   8:43
atrial cheats

spk_3:   8:44
as I would and

spk_1:   8:45
just flies up while Melora struggled so much on him and

spk_3:   8:50
Isaac have to help her up with a rope. The first ledge has a cave where Mel are a and a drill pickup plant samples wildflowers and mushrooms. Here. Millar a surprises everyone by climbing to the next ledge. First

spk_1:   9:01

spk_3:   9:02
There's a deeper cave on this ledge and they decide to explore. The next room has a skeleton with a shiny opal in crystal that Adriel takes continuing on on. Yet, Wow, Lewis

spk_4:   9:12
could be pleased to know

spk_1:   9:13
that all down in the peanut gallery got startled. I'm literally sitting half on top of him because he just decided that my legs didn't matter. So now they are draped over him because I have

spk_2:   9:28
nowhere else to put them.

spk_1:   9:29
Bilis, um, on your ribs. Anya trips on still lag my on your annual

spk_3:   9:40
trips on the still lag mate and a dripping noise starts. Adriel notices a weird jelly mass and poker on the ceiling of the cave. It drops onto Anya and then consumes her. Adriel sets it on fire as she does, and Millar A casts a create water spell to put it out. The okra tries to run away with Anya still inside, but Millar a cast a poison dart and kills it. They meet back up with Isaac on the third ledge, where they take a well earned short rest, and Anya tries to get Ochoa goo out of her hair. Adrian and Isaac examine Adrian's gem, while Onion Millar examined the cliff face

spk_1:   10:12
on you

spk_3:   10:12
notices what looks like a steam on the rock A steam a seam on the rock English Okay, um,

spk_1:   10:19
Onion notices

spk_3:   10:20
what looks like a seam on the rock, but nothing happens when she pushes it. Millar A finds a funny looking rock, and when she goes to pick it up, it depress is and a six inch doorway opens in the cliff face. Lara reaches in and finds a small owl figurine and puts it in her bag. Are

spk_1:   10:34
adventurers continue this. I am

spk_3:   10:36
where Millar A. Manages to fall off the cliff. Luckily, Adriel catches, sir. Those wings are pretty useful, and everyone makes it up to the top. Past the beautiful sunset, the ruins spread across the top. There are mostly small walls and posts. No buildings here. Anya goes toe, look off the other side and sees the rest of the mountain range and a path of some camping sites. Millar a looks at the foundation to notice one spot that is more worn from use than the others. Atrial notices. The ruin isn't a defined circular shape, and I Dick explains that he doesn't think these were buildings that were lived in Millar shows him the warn wall and fails trying to push it, Isaac comes to the rescue and together they're able to push the wall. They realize that they're wear marks on the ground and around the other wall sections that indicate they can all be moved their 10 pieces total. And the group manages to move them to complete the full circle. Pedro goes to the center of the circle where there is a short pillar and an opa lean core. Adriel places the crystal she found on top, but nothing happens. Unfortunately, I I remember this game being incredibly frustrating.

spk_1:   11:36
Yeah, and this is the cap is making it sound like we're very logically figured this out. When I remember we did, my notes had, like, each step that we took when we moved things that move them back. And I was like, Fuck that. No one wants to listen to that. I'm just gonna spark noted and retrospect. It probably

spk_2:   11:56
shouldn't have been that hard. We just made it hard.

spk_1:   11:58
Well, yeah, no, it was

spk_2:   12:00
kind of difficult. Kind of. Thanks, sweetie.

spk_3:   12:03
So after a drill tried to place the crystal on the top of the core, but nothing happened. Laura tries the owl figurine and again, nothing atrial, then sits on it

spk_1:   12:13
but slides right. You forget that a plus effort, good job on your cuts her

spk_3:   12:20
finger and dribble some blood on it. Nothing happens then, either. Atrial then realized, Millar said. It looked like a sun dial and realized that she is reflecting off the movable door so the pillar is in shadow. They moved the doors around as the sun sets, hopefully thinking that they're onto something just before the sun disappears, they get the door is just right, and the lightest set onto the circle. The pillar continues to sparkle after the light fades. Everyone but Adrian touches the pillar and realizes that it fills them up with the warm, happy feeling Atrial. Big grudgingly touches it as well, and as soon as she does, the vines around it fall away. Streaks of light appear on the pillar, shooting up to mimic a constellation in the sky. Millar A recognizes it as the constellations small crown, but then realizes that she cannot see the Big crown consolation. The light begins to take shape as a Jeralyn Anya back out of the ruins. Me Lara and Isaac stay inside the circle as the light forms the shape of a woman. She thanks us for freeing her and that it has been many years and she has seen the world around. She offers us one of three things. Fame, fortune or friendship, but we can only pick one Mellor a suggests friendship. Isaac is two days to function, and Anya also boast for friendship in a drill. Just says Fine,

spk_1:   13:31
fine. I

spk_3:   13:34
I assume I was tempted by the fame and fortune. Well, yes, you're lovely friendship. As the group makes their decision, the glowing woman's eyes glistens with tears as she has sucked back into the pillar, which then proceeds to shatter. Where the pillar usedto lie is a woman who looks remarkably like a glowing figure. Adriel offers her a set of extra clothes. As the woman comes to. She tells the group her name is body and that she has been trapped there for so long because no one had ever picked friendship. Your body, Yeah, it's a good thing it wasn't just

spk_1:   14:07
just really Yeah, yeah, she never would've gotten out of there. That's

spk_2:   14:12
good thing. Louise never showed up to that

spk_1:   14:14
is it right? That pillar was just

spk_3:   14:15
destroy how your character is designed, right?

spk_1:   14:19
Correct. And luckily, the evil was outweighed by the good. In this particular instance, since no one had

spk_3:   14:26
picked friendship, that means that thousands of people had either picked fame or fortune. Instead, Millar then asked if she wants to be their friend and joined the guild. She tells the crew she used to be a princess, but her family was usurped and that she was trapped in that pillar. They camped there for the night and then returned to treat Howard to introduce their new friend,

spk_1:   14:45
Nice Woo.

spk_2:   14:47
I know. Well, we've No, we'll talk about that later. But no, no,

spk_1:   14:53
it is the well.

spk_2:   14:54
It is not just for reference. It's a literal whale.

spk_1:   14:57
It is a literal whale.

spk_2:   14:59
Okay, so next reading Chapter six, we have Laura.

spk_4:   15:02
This is called Game six. Down the rabbit hole. The day starts out with an impressive carriage with national Guildhall banners pulling up to the gates of Tree Tower. One of the upper guild management people has brought a new member, Bradley Uppercrust, the third, a rock known Paladin who heard that this was the best guild in town. Honestly, that sounds kind of unlikely.

spk_1:   15:24

spk_3:   15:26
was going to say like you should have, but that's fine.

spk_2:   15:28
He was lied.

spk_1:   15:29
Thio. We go toe

spk_4:   15:31
introduce Bradley to the other guild members and realize that Brown, the gardener,

spk_1:   15:35
isn't anywhere to be found. The area he

spk_4:   15:37
was working in has a sinkhole, and it looks like he fell. Next, turned throws Bradley into the hole but forgets to grab the end of the rope Bradley held to keep him from slamming into the bottom. Atrial Mellor A and Anya jump in after him, hit water and continue to fall through it. Next turn attempts to make the hole bigger so he can actually fit, but he

spk_1:   15:58
plugs it

spk_4:   15:58
up when he jumps in and a

spk_1:   16:00
lot of big, but he eventually squeezes

spk_4:   16:02
through and falls into the pit with the others. They follow the promise of light at the end of the dark tunnel and find what looks like a giant underground cavern with lush plains and elegant buildings. The roof of the cavernous, held up by beautiful pillars across the plain, are adventurers can see some strange creatures approaching. As they draw near. They realize that the creatures are large, almost five feet tall. Bipedal rabbits. They speak common but don't understand a lot of human concepts. Bradley mentions some underground nations in his religious text. The rabbits lead the group toward their city, where our heroes begin to notice how weirdly happy all the rabbits look. Are they going to be eaten? They also noticed the rabbits seem rather hesitant to tell them anything about where they're going next. Turn no understanding or caring about the rules of social etiquette. Asked their rabbit guide. If they ever bathe Millar a tapping and do. Oh, here's that word again tapping into here, too.

spk_1:   17:02
You know, I really want to

spk_2:   17:05
use big words on this for some reason. So she did.

spk_4:   17:08
Pollara, tapping into unrealized knowledge, spouts off rabbit fax, but how

spk_1:   17:12
they cannot write

spk_2:   17:17
Carly and her giant unrealized

spk_1:   17:20
word you hear two.

spk_4:   17:22
Four Millar a tapping into here to four unrealized knowledge spouts off rabbit fax about how they cannot regulate their body temperatures, so being submerged in water could be potentially fatal. Eventually, our heroes arrive at the castle in our lead inside an entrance that doesn't appear to lead to a dungeon Anya explains to the rapid guide what kind of creatures we are, since they don't seem to know anything about the upper world. Next, ER notices that there are rabbit guards in what appears to be stone armor, and he definitely wants some. The group also notices that the rabbits seem

spk_2:   17:55
unrelated to the armor. Just definitely wants.

spk_4:   17:59
No, that's for another episode.

spk_1:   18:02
It's later. It happens later.

spk_4:   18:05
The group also notices that the rabbit seemed to be able to communicate with each other silently through your movements and other body signs. What might they have been saying about our adventures before? Now, when Mel Laura asks about magic, the rabbits say they have sorcery, which enables them to mold the rock and earth. That's how they created these castles. They take the crew to the infirmary to heal any injuries, and Millar notices that they're using magic to heal a swell rolling a natural 20. She shape shifts into one of them to try to blend in and get a better look around. But they put a hospital bracelet on her for easier identification. Bummer, though they then guide the group to a back room, where it appears that rabbit nobility are playing leisure games. Anya introduces everyone and asked about a Bronn. The rabbit leader. Jeryl says that they have not seen a Dorf like him, but they will send guards to look a drill with a particularly good perception. Roll realized that the rabbits are lying and something isn't quite right. She tries speaking an infernal and notices the rabbits ears twitch. And guess is that they must be ableto understand infernal, which is

spk_1:   19:09
a really

spk_4:   19:09
strange language for rabbits to be ableto understand, even anthropomorphic rabbits. The rabbits attempt to lead us back to where we entered. But Bradley suddenly senses a small orb, admitting a fiend like aura from back inside. The castle next turn is able to distract the rabbit guides by asking to see an armory to buy some of that stone armor. And while the merchants booth Millar a signals Anya to cause a commotion, Adriel launches into the air, drawing the attention of the rabbits, and Mel Aura rips. The hospital bracelet often eats it, slipping unnoticed into the crowd.

spk_1:   19:41
I forgot I ate it a

spk_4:   19:44
snack for later. For now, while Anya, Adriel, Bradley and next earned fight some supersized guard rabbits. Millar a slips into the castle, convincing the guards at the entrance to go into the commotion. She continues into the castle seeking the fiend, or but runs into one of the Royals who asked her what she's doing. She tells him about the commotion outside, but he reminds her that there's nothing he can do about that, since they're just stand ins. Realizing that something is definitely fishy, Mellor attempts to charm him, but fails and just barrels on past him down the corridor, casting water behind her to stop any pursuers water wall

spk_1:   20:20
like Wonderwall but of water. As

spk_4:   20:25
she gets deeper into the castle, Mellor a realizes the castle's becoming more more shabby and run down. What's going on here? The exterior looks so well kept while Millar A ponders his revelation. The rest of her friends continue to wreak as much havoc as they can before Anya CASS fog, and they slip through the unguarded entrance to the castle as they approach the water wall. Millar left behind. They see some of the rabbit guards trying to get through. As they get frustrated, they hold out into the giant rabbits they were fighting in the courtyard next turn. Having experienced with where creatures suggests they hide, Bradley manages to find a small door leading to a bunch of tunnels, and the group enters to try to find another way past the wear rabbits. Meanwhile, Millar a comes to a dungeon where she cast a tech magic and sees all sort of floating conjugation orbs. Millar a walks over to a cell and sees a fairly large human female sitting there talking to the orbs. Hey, Laura asked if she has seen a dwarf and the woman responds that he's a couple cells down Millar. A rush is over and finds a bron. He doesn't know how he got here, how he got out. Luckily, the rest of the party show up, and Malala lets them know it's really her so she doesn't get squished by next earns FIS next turn bust down the doors to the cells, freeing a bronze in the woman. She says her name is Enya and her God that she calls forth, Arc told her toe, Wait there for a sign which apparently was us. The happily reunited group begins freeing the rest of the prisoners with the help of a bronze Enya, then begin their perilous escaped from the wear rapids. Using all the best tricks in their books, the intrepid crew take out the large stone pillars supporting the cavern roof, causing it to start collapsing on the wear rabbit realm. As the syndicate and the freed prisoners escaped back to the surface, now free, three of the former prisoners decided to join the guild most. So's a gnome. I'm Che Human, a Nyla and are a coca. Zegna also decides to stay good thing, too. She is able to create some pretty impressive and destructive tentacles as the group returns to treat Tower to settle in for the night. Millar a notices. A few of the books in her library are glowing their books on transmutation magic left behind from when the wizard turned goat lived here, perhaps us with the rabbits for after. Could there have been a way to reverse the wear creature cursed? Guess we'll never know.

spk_2:   22:41
Awesome. And now we're onto the last summary of the episode from Louise. Game seven. The Whisper Veil Estate. After the monstrous events of the last adventure, Anya, spend some time at the tavern in Halstead, where the National Guild hall is. She starts chatting with some of the members of other guilds who are complaining about how the first paradigm, the top ranking guild always seems to know where other guilds have been assigned to close riffs, swooping in and stealing all the glory. How do they always know? With the dawning of a bright new day? Our feelers. Adventurers check out the Quest board to see what's available, but find that numerous quests have been changed or expired, so they head into House said, to get new postings. One of the grandmasters, Gala Ron, explains that the difficulty of quests has changed, but as our guild has been growing faster than any other, he will allow us to give a harder question shot. He explains that the quest that was once an extermination mission for supernatural pests has become a rescue mission. A lower level guild set out to tackle this quest several days ago but have not returned. The syndicate accepts the quest, but with the promise of rank to as a reward and set off toward the manor on the outskirts of the city. If this where we killed that old lady and Sylar Go.

spk_1:   23:49
What Spoiler alert Our

spk_2:   23:53
adventures approach the manner through a looming our CWe, the words whisper veil estate carved into the stone. Inside, they can see shambling figures that look like zombies. They don't seem to notice when Bradley hits one in the head with a rock, but they turn to attack when Kevin gets too close. Millar asks if they can understand us, but when she tries to say the word, understand, it vanishes. The zombies posit the missing word but then return to their frenzied state. And a drill realizes that there's something unnatural with the language issues. Could it be magic? Anya guesses that the longer we hear, the more will forget and the more like the zombies will become. Everyone runs for the door of the manor, pushing past the zombies. Once inside, Adrian writes down all our names, our mission and some personal things that may help us remember things. If we forget, Bradley is able to sense evil everywhere. So, of course, next turn tries to make a wee gee board spoiler. It's really bad. It's not very effective. We start for getting more and more words Zombie hell, evil die, which make it a lot harder to communicate what's happening. The group finds a dining room where there is a full meal laid out, but it's not moldy or anything, which is surprising considering the state of the banner. Bradley and Kev stupidly eat some food, and when Bradley tries to say that doesn't feel any different, he actually says he does. He quickly writes down what happened and that doesn't change. Kept vomits up the food, not wanting to be possessed. But he forgets the word off the dining room. The group finds a hallway with a room at the end, and each person sees a different room on the other side, since they don't know which is the real room. Malala tries to look through the doorway with a mirror, but it fogs up. Then the fog clears and they see a dungeon. Tired of all the mind games, Next turn tries to smash a window, but can't and take a guess that maybe the entire second floor is an illusion. We head to the basement, where we find a huge labyrinth. Anya sends pants to scope out ahead and communicate what he sees. First up is a storage room where malaria takes two volume sets of the history of the manor. A quick read shows the that the original owner, Whisper Veil manner, was a collector of all sorts of things. Strangely, a floor plan of the manor on Lee shows the ground floor. The crew just starts going through doors, and as they progress, a haze begins to form. But it doesn't seem toe like fire. As they enter one room, three figures materialized from the haze. Next turn charge of this torch, and they disappear and re materialize in front of the door. The group came through. The group manages to injure one of the figures and remembers the word die. So it seems these hazy figures have something to do with the language we're forgetting. The group runs through the next door and are greeted by a massive, hazy figure sitting on the floor. It's on Lee. Discernible feature is its mouth. We ask if there other people have come here. He says yes, and that we met them outside. We realize that the guild we were sent here to save our fucking goners, the creature tells us he feeds off people's words, and that's why we been forgetting them from a lower goes to throw a fireball at him. But Anya stops her and asks him about the person's name written on the paper. He tells her it's her mother's name, but you can feel that something is wrong. Like maybe he's lying. Israel thinks that if we feed it lies, maybe we can trick it and everyone starts telling outrageous lies. When that doesn't work, everyone fires on it, but it seems like all is doing is getting annoyed. Next turn gets the bright idea to try to hurt it from the inside and gives Bradley the torches, then throws him into this creature's mouth. When he enters its form, everyone forgets him.

spk_1:   27:07
I sure was

spk_2:   27:08
a good idea at the time, but I feel like reading. Reading

spk_1:   27:10
it and your

spk_3:   27:11
first go to you is to just pick up someone and throw them at the

spk_1:   27:15
monster. Right? And it worked. Almost always burn

spk_3:   27:17
because he's the little one. Worked has quotation marks around it, realizing

spk_2:   27:25
the creature isn't just erasing language but memories as well. The group tries to see if feeding him a false story will somehow corrupt him. Next turn tells a story about it. Idiot ghost He met on a battlefield, but there isn't enough detail to do anything. Canyon Molera read the figure. The story of his life from the book they found and kept creates an illusion of the woman he loved, and Millar a sets it on fire. The figure tries to take her words but can't because she's an illusion. Bradley praised to his God good thing to do when being ingested, and his God tells him that the words air power. So someone has to find the word that is both important, and we'll make him forget thanks. TM kept, gives it a shot but gives a false memory so doesn't work. Millar tells the story of failing the most important test of her life, and how she realized that knowledge wasn't the most important thing in the figure starts to go haywire and deflates. Everyone feels a restive energy, as all the words and memories we had forgotten come flooding back in, the creature disappears, and suddenly everyone remembers Bradley laying on the floor, covered in slime. We also feel memories that weren't even ours flooding out of him and returning where they belong. You run outside and see the zombies being released from their trance and fading into the afterlife. The memories were not enough to hold them to life as they fade. The group here is one of the zombies. Say something about his guilt. At least we know exactly what happened to that other group adventure. The group, sensing no more evil around the manor, gather up the guild members bodies to return them to the Guildhall for proper burial. Gala Ron gives us our reward even though it wasn't the alchemy had hoped for and declares a syndicate to officially be a level to guilt.

spk_1:   28:51
Who? Okay,

spk_2:   28:55
what are some things that we want to talk about? About these last few episodes? I have one right off the bat and its body isn't a whale.

spk_1:   29:02
Yes, she has. Cody is a whale. It's cannon. Now.

spk_2:   29:05
Bodies definitely will.

spk_1:   29:06
Ah, 100% awhile.

spk_2:   29:08
Louise wasn't even there at that event. And he comes back the next day or knows a few events later. And he's like,

spk_1:   29:14
Who's his

spk_2:   29:15
body chick in somehow gets it into his head that she was a whale.

spk_1:   29:18
A Centeon. Well, a sensual whale. Yeah, yeah, That's how it

spk_2:   29:23
was described to me. I definitely remember

spk_1:   29:25
No, it was like, Yeah, she's a giant. But she was like a soul like celestial, almost like

spk_3:   29:31
there was a weird, I think, because she was, like, glowing and she, like started became a consolation. And when we tried to describe her, you just kind of a

spk_1:   29:40
symbol whale. And we just kind of went sure.

spk_2:   29:43
Oh, yeah, That is how it

spk_1:   29:44
came about. You

spk_2:   29:44
guys were like making descriptions. And I'm like, you described something that could definitely have just been away.

spk_1:   29:50
And then

spk_2:   29:51
and then it became a whale cannon. What are some other things that people want to talk about from those last four events?

spk_1:   29:56
I was really, really sad. I think it was

spk_3:   29:59
this game. Game number six, the way rabbits one that Laura Red. I cannot think of a moment in this entire campaign that I was more proud than when I made a kill shot on a monster. And

spk_1:   30:09
I think it was this game and you lived it out of the Saddam's Is head very upset. I'm sorry. There was a lot of shit to get through. In that episode, I hit the highlight of you

spk_2:   30:21
also for our listeners. We started this game back in November.

spk_3:   30:30
October October of 2017. Yeah.

spk_2:   30:35
So these games are a little bit hazy for

spk_3:   30:37
very fuzzy. It's January 2020 now.

spk_2:   30:41

spk_1:   30:41
Jesus. Rabbits. What now, right? What? I know I was writing the notes and, like, Damn, I don't remember that.

spk_2:   30:50
And for reference, we finish the campaign December 2019. So there's still plenty of episodes that will go out after these autopsies. Yes. So Mary's kill shot was on the big guy, right?

spk_1:   31:01
Yeah, I think. Honestly,

spk_3:   31:03
it was another instance of Louis throwing somebody on and I had a spear in. I like

spk_1:   31:10
Oh, yeah, I have

spk_2:   31:10
the lands. Love the big

spk_1:   31:12
Oh, yeah, I just hit him right in the face. I find Louis

spk_3:   31:17
grabbed me, and I was holding the giant sphere of the big wear rabbit boss

spk_1:   31:22
and threw it. And

spk_3:   31:23
we both had good roles, Which is really rare for me. Yes. And then I got the kill shot on the guy and I was so proud

spk_2:   31:32
and Kylie lifted out. By what else does someone else have something they won't talk about?

spk_4:   31:36
One of my favorite moments was when we got Brody the Whale and she not a whale, she asked If you want fame, fortune of friendship and, you know, be forced a drill to pick friendship. And then when she came out of that pillar and it

spk_1:   31:49
was just like this really good moment, she was like no one has ever picked friendship. I was like crying on the side. I'm pretty sure in like my notes from like while we're playing, I have, like, imprint parentheses, like I'm literally crying or something like that. That was just a really good moment. It waas

spk_2:   32:06
I have very good on your moment. When we were first going down into the Wear Rabbit Palace area, I was describing, and I think I would get a good job Syd upsizing how all the different structures were and how they were, like, really pretty and all that stuff until we found

spk_1:   32:23
out that it was

spk_2:   32:24
all fake on and we walk in. I describe all the elegant structures, and on you just goes. I know

spk_1:   32:31
I I was thin

spk_2:   32:35
forever in our group. Cash her name. She changed the nickname of nuts at architecture.

spk_1:   32:42
That's why you had that name I had

spk_4:   32:44
completely forgotten. Let me some good architecture. Oh,

spk_1:   32:47
God. That's where

spk_2:   32:48
I got some. What, like a gauntlet? Right? So it was Well, actually, it was during, I guess it was during the beginning of the next game. But I think that got left out of the synopsis is Well, um, but you were trying to figure out what it was because it was definitely something special. And Millar a helped you figure out the gauntlet could transmute because the rabbits could transmit stone, and the gauntlet was made out of stone. And the only successful thing you've got to turn into was like a long blade coming out of the gauntlet. And it cracked a little bit when you did

spk_1:   33:19
that. Yeah.

spk_2:   33:20
It would only be able to use it like, five times one finger kind of a deal. So, Norian, does anyone want to talk about how much they hate

spk_1:   33:27
that guy? That's all I have to say. Fuck that guy.

spk_2:   33:30
Collective answer. But which I guess you guys did say when the synopsis was being read. So you know just how true that was.

spk_1:   33:38
This which is really ironic because, like from the like from the

spk_3:   33:41
very beginning. Like he's He's supposed to be like this, like, heroic figure, like the like, epitome of, like the like, knight in shining armor kind of thing. Like he's

spk_1:   33:51
a Paladin, right? I feel like, Yes, the fact

spk_2:   33:53
doesn't even use a weapon. He only uses its shield.

spk_1:   33:56
So, like the fact that we all instantly like, fuck this guy is, like, really surprising. He's not

spk_2:   34:01
part of the guild that we were rivals with. All right, Well, what was the red red ones?

spk_1:   34:06
The onyx rose?

spk_2:   34:08
No, the red. Oh, that was the one

spk_1:   34:09
that, uh,

spk_2:   34:10
Nick Stern and calf to start pummeling.

spk_1:   34:14
Wait, There was a reason.

spk_2:   34:15
And you got banned from their bar.

spk_1:   34:17
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, Yeah. I don't know.

spk_3:   34:19
I think you guys just wanted to start a fight.

spk_2:   34:21
Yeah, we definitely did. You

spk_4:   34:23
liked that bar

spk_3:   34:24
a lot. Lower on the lakes. Every bar? Yes. Anya's a

spk_2:   34:28
drunk, eh? So this was also, as you'll learn later, the riffs would end up being the main crux of the series. And this is the first time they came in contact with them. So I thought that was really fun. I enjoyed writing that synopsis because of that.

spk_1:   34:43
I really like

spk_3:   34:43
going through all these, you know, quote unquote old stories that we did old chapters. So the campaign, because, like you said, it hasn't It's been almost three years. Uh,

spk_2:   34:55
yeah, and we literally just finished it last month.

spk_1:   34:58
Yeah, it's like it's been a really

spk_3:   35:00
nice, like reminder. I think of how, like what we did and, like, why we made some choices that we made and stuff like that.

spk_2:   35:08
One of the episodes that we recap today, there was like a strange little blurb that was like, Oh, when everyone's paying attention to what, like gallery on and everything all of them were doing. There's a mention that Mel Lara did a perception check and noticed that there is this large woman with a pseudo dragon that was just kind of ignoring everything that was happening. That was actually the first appearance of Zegna.

spk_1:   35:28
Oh, yeah, yeah.

spk_2:   35:30
And then she ended up She was looking for certain, like, magic items and got trapped down in the rabbit cave when you found her. But she was physically in the game before you met her.

spk_1:   35:40
Yeah, because I had that in my notes that, like,

spk_3:   35:43
after we free them, she says That's like she recognized us from the guild hall. But I didn't, for some reason, didn't include in this an abscess because it

spk_1:   35:53
didn't seem super relevant. But I had forgotten that, like, I had actually clapped eyes on her in the lab. Just I'm done.

spk_2:   36:02
So for reference, Zegna was if for some reason, there was ever an event that someone wanted Thio run that, um, was within this world. Zegna was my d m character. That was just kind of floating around in there in case I have a needed her. Never did. But she made for some really good story points later on. So it was I liked her. I think everyone else hated her for a little bit. So

spk_1:   36:23
I didn't a drill did.

spk_2:   36:25
Oh, yeah. Just a dream.

spk_1:   36:26
Real hard. Always Suspect really

spk_3:   36:27
didn't trust her. I was like, You're suspicious. Mmm mmm. Mmm mmm. Yeah.

spk_2:   36:32
She's super happy. Lots of tentacles.

spk_1:   36:34
Yeah, Happy people. Its belly when they have tentacles. Yeah, that was an interesting She just, like,

spk_3:   36:43
murdered the leg. Hooked out like we're rabbit thingy with those tentacles.

spk_2:   36:49
She held him down. And then that was when next earned through Adri, Elin

spk_1:   36:53
and you speared. It wasn't like through the eye

spk_4:   36:56
or something like that.

spk_2:   36:57
I don't remember.

spk_1:   36:58
I don't remember. I think I

spk_2:   36:59
just said that you went straight through its body. Okay, I guess. Are we done with recap stuff?

spk_3:   37:05
Yeah. I don't think I have anything, Dad.

spk_2:   37:07
Awesome, Will. Thanks for listening. You'll be able to find this podcast at half wits failed Critz dot com. You can send us an email to half what's failed Critz at gmail dot com. Hopefully, by the time we're listening to this, we will be in all of your normal pod catchers when we have a Facebook and Twitter, both of which are at failed Critz. Thank you, too. Kevin McCloud, For the use of our theme song Crunk Night. You confined the link to his soundcloud in our show notes. All right, well, we look forward to seeing you guys for our final synopsis in the next episode. And then we will start launching our riel episodes. One

spk_1:   37:45

spk_2:   37:45
edited. I think we have episodes 11 and 12 edited, but I might go back and try and make them better now that I've learned somewhere editing techniques. And then I guess just a heads up the audio in those isn't great.

spk_1:   37:56

spk_2:   37:56
but it was a lot of fun and were originally just recording this so that I had documentation of a campaign because I'd run quite a few

spk_3:   38:04
That never finished.

spk_2:   38:04
That never finished. And I really just wanted to have a way to store our stories. And now we kind of wanna share him. But once all of those air posted or maybe even during we are currently recording a space themed game with all this new equipment that will hopefully sound great. So we

spk_1:   38:22
hope you stick

spk_2:   38:23
with us through this not great audio quality stuff and get to know us so that you can enjoy our humor for the space game as well.

spk_3:   38:33
Fingers crossed.

spk_2:   38:34
Well, they still haven't found a good way to end this thing yet. Well, we probably will, so

spk_1:   38:38
bye bye bye.