Halfwits & Failed Crits

Presenting: This Machine Belongs To

April 01, 2024 Halfwit Podcasts
Halfwits & Failed Crits
Presenting: This Machine Belongs To
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Show Notes

 Listen Here! ( https://thismachinebelongsto.buzzsprout.com/share

Hello and welcome everybody to a fantastic April Fools day announcement! The prank is, I decided to release what was the mini project I talked about as its own podcast rather than a new short season of Halfwits & Failed Crits. While it is a solo ttrpg journaling game, the final product felt way more right being its own thing, akin to a traditional audio drama, and if it does well we already have plans on how we can make more seasons of it. So in a minute you’ll hear the trailer, and a supercut of the first three episodes. 

But I have one last gift for you all before that. We are making amazing progress on planning the next campaign. We’ve made a rulebook of our own called PenultiMyth, made test characters, playtested some of the mechanics and they felt great so far, made 4 major factions with 36 fleshed out leaders within them, and have the world map, its biomes, and some key locations all planned out. If all goes well, the new Campaign will be launching in September! We are so excited to bring you with us on our new adventures!

  === Credits ===
Produced by Halfwit Podcasts ( https://www.HalfwitPodcasts.com ).
Written by Matt Spaziani ( https://vocal.media/authors/matt-spaziani ).
Vernon Wright is voiced by Jonathan Swenson ( https://www.jgswenson.com ).
Based on the journal role-playing game "The Machine" by Adira & Fen Slattery ( https://adira.itch.io/the-machine ).  

Music and sound effects used with Zapsplat Gold, and Ghosthack Music licenses.    

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