Halfwits & Failed Crits

Bonus - Triangle Agency

June 27, 2023 Halfwit Podcasts
Halfwits & Failed Crits
Bonus - Triangle Agency
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Show Notes

Welcome to the Triangle Agency fellow Resonant! This is your new hire training video featuring Agents Hazel (Kiley) and Finn (Laura) on Finn's first mission. Plenty to learn here so take out your tablets and dip your spaghetti in the ink brace as you learn all about what it means to keep our world safe from Anomalies... just like you.

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=== CREDITS ===

Game System:
Triangle Agency by Haunted Table LLC (https://hauntedtable.itch.io/)
Go pre-order right now! We had so much fun and you can too! (this is an order from your general manager and not doing so can result in demerits, death, or an extended stay in the vault).


Music and Art Provided by Haunted Table LLC (Thank You!!!)
Control Yourself & Stability by Edith Margaret Mudge (https://www.edithmudge.com/).
Cover Art "Trina" by Ryan Kingdom (https://www.ryankingdomart.com/)

Other music and sound effects used on Dark Fantasy Studio Premium and Zapsplat Gold licenses.  

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